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At the Annual General Meeting of ASE in January 2011, members voted to change the governance structure of ASE so that the Association will have a smaller body (Council), which is responsible for all governance issues, and a larger Assembly, which will concern itself largely with issues related to ASE’s work in science education. The Assembly meets 3 times a year.

The Assembly consists of 30 ASE Members including:

  • ASE Chair, Chair-Elect and Past-Chair 
  • 6 elected Members
  • 6 Regions representative
  • 6 Trustees
  • 9 Co-options (to ensure fair representation)

Broadly speaking, the Council will have responsibility for ensuring that ASE works properly as a charity, that the finances are properly regulated and monitored and the appropriate policies are in place. Council will make sure that the activities of the Association fit with the strategic plan and will take a long view of the health of the Association. It will be the Board of Trustees of the charity.

The Assembly, meanwhile, will give advice to Council on all aspects of science education. It will have representation from all sectors of the science education community in order to bring expertise to that debate and to formulate actions to take forward the strategic objectives.

The Assembly will inform the strategic plan and communicate effectively with the Council.

To contribute to forum discussions go to the ASE Forum. This is open to all members of the association and is a general forum.

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