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Responsibilities and roles of the Assembly

The Assembly of the Association will meet regularly in order to:

  • monitor and promote developments in science education (across the nations of the UK and internationally);
  • monitor and reflect the needs and views of members and others involved in science education;
  • encourage and facilitate two-way communication with members;
  • develop and maintain an appropriate and up-to-date suite of policies on matters pertaining to science education; and
  • ensure that the Association has a range of online communities, publications, conferences and other events which support the needs of members and others and which enhance the image of the Association.

Assembly Members’ role description

In taking up a position on the Assembly of the ASE a member agrees to be an Ambassador for the ASE and its Assembly. This will be achieved  by the Assembly member demonstrating a passionate advocacy for the ASE, coupled with a good  knowledge of what ASE offers  in terms of tangible and intangible benefits. An Assembly member is a voice for excellence in science education.  In addition, the following involvement is expected:

  • First and foremost -  to be  an effective  link between members of the Association and Assembly To communicate effectively, particularly within their locality. To achieve this the member must have excellent communication and listening skills
  • To be committed. The role requires  Assembly members  to devote time and energy between meetings to ensure the ASE continues to support its members.
  • To contibute to facilitating and developing local activity including CPD, resource provision and local networking for members. In order to be credible in this role, the member must maintain their own CPD and preferably have already achieved, or have applied for the status of RSciTech, RSci or CSciTeach.
  • To be ready to respond in a timely manner to consultations in their area of expertise.