The Association for Science Education


What is ASE Assembly?

The Assembly is part of ASE's governance structure and advises Council on all aspects of science education. Its 30 members represent all sectors of the science education community and speaks authoritatively on behalf of the Association to formulate actions to take forward the strategic objectives. The Assembly is led by the Chair of the Association. ASE Assembly meets 3 times a year and consists of: 

  • 3 ASE chairs (current chair, chair-elect and past-chair), 6 elected members, 6 regions representatives, 6 trustees, 9 co-options (to ensure fair representation)

Responsibilities and roles of the Assembly

The Assembly of the Association meets regularly in order to:

  • monitor and promote developments in science education (across the nations of the UK and internationally)
  • monitor and reflect the needs and views of members and others involved in science education
  • encourage and facilitate two-way communication with members
  • develop and maintain an appropriate and up-to-date suite of policies on matters pertaining to science education
  • ensure that the Association has a range of activities that support members.

Assembly Members

A member of Assembly agrees to be an ambassador and advocate for the ASE and a voice for excellence in science education. A member serves on the Assembly for 3 years and can be re-elected. 

Next Assembly

You can find the dates of the next Assembly meeting on the ASE Committee Calendar

Assembly Reports

Notes from Education Group (Assembly) 3 held on 9th May 2015

Notes from Education Gropu (Assembly) 2 held on 7th February 2015

Notes from Education Group (Assembly) 1 held on 18th October 2014