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NAIGS Membership Criteria

Anyone who supports science in primary, secondary or special schools, other than their own, by providing advice, training, professional development or inspection, is eligible for membership. So, Ofsted inspectors, LA advisers and LA Consultants are members; independent consultants and trainers are members; some Advanced Skills Teachers, Lead Teachers and Advisory teachers are members.

How do we support members?

Without any exaggeration I can say that my career in science education would not have developed as it did without the ASE. It has been a continual inspiration and support at all stages of my career.  When faced with issues in science education, I may not have known the answers but through the ASE/NAIGS I always knew someone who could help. The ASE is truly a college; that is a community of colleagues. - Colin DuQueno, ASE member for 46 years

Besides the ASE publications which members receive, we respond to requests and consultations on current issues in science by canvassing opinion amongst the membership. This keeps members aware of current educational initiatives in science and ensures that they have a say in their formulation. For example, in recent years, we have responded to consultations on the revised Standards for the Award of Qualified Teacher Status and their inspection (TTA), changes to Ofsted inspection (Ofsted), the Framework for the science strand of the Secondary Strategy (DfE), monitoring of the National Curriculum and post-16 science (QCA), the proposals to set up a National Centre for Excellence in Science Teaching (DfE) and the Green Paper proposals for a 14-19 curriculum (DfE).

Regions hold regular meetings for members. A representative of each region serves on the National Committee. This facilitates networking and ensures two-way flow of information to and from members in regions.

There is an opportunity for face to face networking nationally twice a year, once at the ASE Annual Conference in January and in July at our Summer Conference, which moves around the country, being held in the area of the new Chair-Elect. At the Annual Conference, besides offering members the opportunities to update their knowledge on a host of topics from the vast range available, we also ourselves host a NAIGS day, providing three seminars specifically for members and those visiting the Annual Conference who are eligible for membership. There is always a reception with a short input from a guest speaker. We also host a seminar for science teachers, usually on the Saturday.  At the Summer Conference there is a three day opportunity for members to keep up to date, listen to lectures and participate in workshops. Key speakers representing Ofsted, research, the teaching and learning community and other significant groups are amongst the presenters. Here we also hold our AGM. As well as attending lectures, one of the advantages of the Summer Conference moving around the country is that delegates have an opportunity to visit scientific sites of interest.

Apply for membership

Send for an application form to Barbara Hansell at ASE HQ 01707 283000 or via email at You will need to upgrade your membership to Science Advisor grade.

Alternatively, you can join online.