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How many technicians should there be in our school?
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What should my pay be?
The ASE can not enter into any negotiation regarding pay scales. Guidance could be sought via other schools, CLEAPSS  (if your school is a member) or your individual union.Click here to download the CLEAPPS guide.

Can you help me with a job description? 
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As a science technician where can I find information to help me do my job?
The Education in Science journal has regular ‘Notes and news for technicians by technicians’ and ‘Safety matters’ features as well as other relevant news items. The School Science Review journal often contains detailed descriptions of practical procedures.The Prep Room Organiser is a useful resource and guide for technicians whilst the series of Technicians’ Guides describe operating procedures for preparing solutions, working with glass and preparation of gases (both ASE publications).The ASE website offers a wealth of expert practical information and, if you can’t find what you want, access to somebody who can help.

Where do I find advice about possible health and safety issues?
Refer to Safeguards in the School Laboratory  – a concise account of the best advice available on health and safety in secondary and Safe and Exciting Science – resources for school-based in-service H & S training as well as other safety publications by ASE. ASE has Safeguards in Science Committee – visit the Safety Group to access the forum and documents.  

How can I become involved in science education at a national level?
You could join a national committee (e.g. the Technicians Committee) and/or you could become a member of your region committee. 

How can I encourage  staff to teach more practical skills?
ASE offers a wealth of high quality practical materials which you can share. 

How can I network with other science technicians both locally and in other LAs?
The ASE website has a Technicians Group forum for discussion, sharing of problems and exchange of ideas. ASE events in your region offer opportunities to meet other technicians.

How can I develop my technical skills?
Local ASE events offer opportunities to access high quality CPD – look out for a Technicians’ Conference in your region. There is also an annual national Technicians’ Conference (July in York). The ASE Annual Conference (early January) is the largest science education event in Europe and it includes lots of sessions appropriate for technicians. 

What support can ASE offer if I am required to act as a Teaching Assistant?
The Teaching Assistants’ Box of Tricks provides a wealth of practical strategies that work to move learners on as well as information about the role of teaching assistants.

Would I be insured against public liability?
Yes – individual membership includes public liability insurance up to £5,000,000.

Will ASE membership enhance my promotion prospects?
Membership would clearly demonstrate your professional commitment to current and future employers.

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