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The Chair is a vital role to our Association and the elected chair provides an authoritative voice for the thousands of members ASE supports and the wider science education community.

ASE Chair 2015/16: Corinne Stevenson 

 Corrinne Stevenson

Corinne is an Independent Consultant supporting science teachers, technicians and pupils. Here she writes about her plans for her year as Chair (extract from Education in Science).

"It is with a sense of honour and a little trepidation that I take up my role as Chair of ASE. I have been a member of ASE since I was a student teacher. The enthusiasm and commitment of my tutors and, then, those teachers, technicians and advisers I met during my career, have supported me and spurred me on through many educational changes – and still they come! I started my teaching career in the London Borough of Hounslow, then Harrow, Stepney, Brixton and back to Harrow, reaching the dizzy heights of Curriculum Deputy Headship. I then became a Science Adviser, which I continued to be even when, as is typical of education, you get other jobs to do as well!  I eventually became Head of School Improvement, responsible for achievement in all schools in the Local Authority. 

"Throughout this time, I remained passionate about science and science teaching. I currently work as an independent consultant supporting school teachers, technicians, Heads and Governors in all phases, as well as tutoring pupils for exams. I have always promoted ASE as the professional association for those involved in science education.  It has supported my professional development, inspired me, made me think and encouraged me to meet and listen to talented leaders in the field.

ASE is a professional association with a wide variety of members and this is its strength.  It is great to be recognised as being part of this group; key people know it and respect it.

"As Chair-Elect, I was privileged to open the Technicians’ Conference in York. I was pleased to update them and report on our achievements. We respond, on our members’ behalf, to relevant consultations. Currently, we are in discussions with Ofqual and DfE to encourage practical work and the importance of good technical support. Together as members, we deliver a strong voice about science that is listened to and that ultimately is about young people realising their potential. 

"ASE is a professional association with a wide variety of members and this is its strength.  It is great to be recognised as being part of this group; key people know it and respect it. With ASE, everything is in one place - you don't have to root around to know what's going on in science education, keep up to date or, importantly, to have a voice. This coming year, I want to promote two things for which I need your support: 

  • Just One More Increase the membership of ASE – the more members, the stronger our voice and so more people will listen.  If each member could recruit one other, this would have phenomenal results. 
  • Professional Learning Journey Recognise, support and value those in education through our registers by ensuring that all are aware of the opportunity to be recognised. 

"Lastly, a huge thanks to all those volunteers, staff, Christine Harrison (Immediate-past Chair), Pete Robinson (Chair 2013/14) and Shaun Reason (Chief Executive) for their unstinting hard work – I look forward to working with you this coming year."

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ASE Past Chair 2014/15: Dr Chris Harrison

Chris is a Senior Lecturer in Science Education at King's College London. She is an expert on assessment for learning and co-author of “Working inside the Black Box”. She currently represents ASE in key policy areas with other science organisations and is the Editor of STE. 

Chris taught in and around London for 13 years before she began consultancy/research work and joined King's in 1993 to run their Biology PGCE course. Since then she has been involved in teacher training, professional development, curriculum development and research. Read more about Chris.

ASE Chair Elect 2016/17: Chris Colclough Chris Colclough

Chris is a former Chair of ASE North East, a representative member of Assembly and Chair of the 11-19 Committee. She has enjoyed a career in teaching in England and Scotland spanning more than 40 years including roles as Head of Science and Assistant Head. Chris currently works as RSC Chemistry Education Coordinator in the North East of England, a STEMNET coordinator and also an Academic Tutor at the University of Sunderland. Find out more Chris will take up the role of chair on 1 August 2016.

About ASE's Chair TrioElected candidates remain part of the chair trio for three consecutive years. The roles are assumed from the 1st August each year. Find out more about the role of ASE's Chair.