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Region 2 Cymru Wales Newsletter - September 2014

Region 2 Cymru Wales Newsletter - September 2014

Region 2 ASE Cymru Wales Newsletter - April 2014

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Skills Fusion CPD

Young people concentrating on these areas very often do not know, or realise that rewarding careers based on STEM subjects are possible in the creative industries, nor that many of computer generated imagery (CGI), that they see on the big screen, have been created here in the UK and not Hollywood. This talk will provide a contextualization to the issues facing the VFX film industry and the opportunities it therein offers students. It is recognised through the landmark report published by NESTA – The Next Gen Report -, that the skills problem starts with schools. There is a knowledge gap between the classroom and jobs, and that without interventions such as Skills Fusion, the UK film industry will not be able to maintain its position as a leading country to do business in the global marketplace.

Skills in Science

During the past academic year exciting developments have taken place in Wales in secondary schools and their feeder primary schools. They have had excellent CPD and have been given a range of resources to use in the classroom. The work was funded by the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) which aims to improve the education of children and young people in Science. Anne Goldsworthy who led the CPD will outline some of the good practice that was developed with the teachers and present some useful ideas on teaching skills in science as children move from KS 2 to KS 3.

“You Should ask Wallace” - Theatr na n’Óg

The play tells the story of Alfred Russel Wallace (1823 -1913), a Victorian naturalist, who was born in Wales, and who discovered the theory of evolution, and then shared the idea with Charles Darwin... and as they say the rest is history.

A Night in the Stars

After Stargazing Live returned to BBC2 in early January the ASE is hosting a spectacular event designed to inspire everyone – from the complete beginner to the enthusiastic amateur to make the most of the night sky. There will be activities indoor and outdoor as well free tea and coffee.

Chemistry in Context - Bangor University

Dayna Mason - Education Coordinator Wales for Royal Society of Chemistry will introduce resources that are provided by RSC and activities. There will also be an opportunity to look at some demonstrations and experiments that could be used in Chemistry Clubs with Ks 3 and 4 including the global experiment:

Its Not Fair: Beyond the Fair Test

You are invited to an interactive workshop session with the engaging external speaker and author, Stuart Naylor, some of his most popular texts are Concept Cartoons and Creative Assessment.

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