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ASE Teachmeet Swansea Metropolitan University

Date: Tuesday 4th December 2012

Time: 04:45 PM to 06:30 PM

Location : Main Lecture Theatre, Swansea Metropolitain University, SA2 0UT

What is a TeachMeet?

A TeachMeet is an informal and gathering for those of us who are enthusiastic about teaching and who are keen to share ideas. Everyone is invited to share approaches they have trialled in their classrooms, examples of good practice, to ask questions or simply to soak up all the ideas and atmosphere.

The main point of a TeachMeet is to hear stories about learning from teachers and other education professionals. It is about being engaged and inspired by our immediate colleagues and gaining a whole bucket load of networking to boot! To work, it needs lots of people to sign up to give short presentations; a presentation can last for 5 minutes or 1 minute and can include demonstrations or visual aids as appropriate.

If you have done something exciting with one of your classes recently or if you would like to come along and watch, sign up below and come along. Open to all with an interest in Literacy and Numeracy (both Primary and Secondary).

You can turn up and learn something new, or share something you think others would benefit from. You can chat informally over a cup of tea, or get up and present a two- or five-minute presentation.

There is no obligation to present anything, but if you are interested in attending, either as a talker or a listener, please  email to book a place

OR visit  to add your name.

Please note in order to add your name you must create and account with teachemeet before hand.