The Association for Science Education

Biology Week

Date: Saturday 12th to Friday 18th October 2013

Time: 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM

Location : National Locations

Biology Week - Upcoming Events

Public events range from an ants and bees pub quiz to a bioethics debate at the Royal Institution. Thank you to everyone who has organised an event, and please let us know if you have one planned. There is a full list of events on our website, and here are some events you may like to get involved with:   


We are developing resources for science, geography and PSHE teachers on the theme of food production and waste. Please get in touch if you are a teacher or parent, or a researcher interested in visiting a school to use them. This project is in partnership with Global Food Security. 

Big Biology Day 12th October

Hands-on biology in Cambridge. 

UK Fungus Day 13th October

UK Fungus Day is held to raise the profile of fungi and fungal research, and the British Mycological Society is organising fungus-related events and activities involving science and the arts. 

24 Hour Lecturethon 13th – 14th October

Professor Adam Hart will be joining us here at the Society of Biology for 24 hours of lectures and demonstrations on the wonders of ants and bees. Lectures begin at 18:00 on Sunday with the results of the flying ant survey, followed by a pub quiz, open to all. 

The following day schools are attending, in person and via Skype. For more information and to book onto these lectures contact Lily Brinn.

At lunchtime on 14th October everyone is invited to an interactive session with live honeybees, followed by our final event of the session on can ants and bees teach us anything? 

The whole lecturethon will be available to watch online via our USTREAM channel and we will be active on Twitter @Society_Biology using #BiologyWeek and #24hrlecturethon 

Public debate at the Royal Institution 15th October 19:00 

The good, the bad and the genetically predetermined: is our understanding of the way our genes influence behaviour going to impact how we run our justice system? 

Annual Award Ceremony 17th October 18:00 – 21:00 

The 2013 Award Ceremony celebrates our photography competition, science communication awards, essay competition, top student and book awards. If you would like to attend please email 

If you would like to join the Biology Week mailing list, please email