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Upcoming events

Skills Fusion Teacher CPD
30th April 2014

Young people concentrating on these areas very often do not know, or realise that rewarding careers based on STEM subjects are possible in the creative industries, nor that many of computer generated imagery (CGI), that they see on the big screen, have been created here in the UK and not Hollywood.

This talk will provide a contextualization to the issues facing the VFX film industry and the opportunities it therein offers students. It is recognised through the landmark report published by NESTA – The Next Gen Report -, that the skills problem starts with schools. There is a knowledge gap between the classroom and jobs, and that without interventions such as Skills Fusion, the UK film industry will not be able to maintain its position as a leading country to do business in the global marketplace.

The intention of Skills Fusion through its resources, attending conferences, working with schools, participating in career fairs, engaging STEM orientated school clubs and cascading information through career advisor and STEM networks, that it can inspire and spark that initial interest to potentially fully fledged careers, career paths, which they might not have otherwise considered.

Tea and coffee will be provided free of charge and there will be an opportunity to Network following the event. Please encourage colleagues to attend the event

To book a place at this free event please go to

For further information please contact

Skills in Science - Anne Goldsworthy
6th May 2014

During the past academic year exciting developments have taken place in Wales in secondary schools and their feeder primary schools. They have had excellent CPD and have been given a range of resources to use in the classroom. The work was funded by the Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) which aims to improve the education of children and young people in Science. Anne Goldsworthy who led the CPD will outline some of the good practice that was developed with the teachers and present some useful ideas on teaching skills in science as children move from KS 2 to KS 3.

Following the presentation there will be an opportunity for teachers to participate in the Gopher Science Laboratory workshop. The Gopher Science Laboratory has been developed by the Society of Biology with the aid of a National Science Academy Grant and offers 10 short practical activities for KS2/3 pupils. All schools present at the practical session will be able to take a box of resources worth £60 including a bilingual booklet with them from the workshop.

The meeting is an informal and dynamic way of exploring a topic and is all about teachers getting together to share ideas. It is suitable for both primary and secondary teachers.
To reserve a place, or send the form below to Cerian Angharad at the above address no later that 2nd May or use the link:

Inspiring Innovatice Primary Teachers
10th May 2014

Keynote speakers:
Keith Gibbs
Stuart Naylor
and Gaynor Weavers
This timely conference brings together celebrated authors, researchers,
teachers and consultants to share their innovative approaches, to further promote and inspire effective pedagogy in science teachers, in Wales.
In response to the findings and recommendations of the Thematic Science Estyn Report (June 2013), this conference aims to both develop positive attitudes
towards science and to build confidence in scientific pedagogy at primary level.

This day will provide delegates with:
• Opportunities to participate in practical, thought-provoking sessions which will scaffold creative ideas for developing science teaching and learning; exploring novel ways to motivate and engage learners.
• Strategies to establish new classroom approaches to motivate learners within science lessons at both FP and KS2.
• Evidence from ‘real’ practitioners about what works and why.
• Opportunities to further develop subject knowledge in primary science.
This conference is open to all education practitioners especially:
• Primary teachers and student teachers wishing to further develop their confidence in
scientific pedagogy in Foundation Phase and KS2.
• Head teachers, specialists in the primary science field, Inspectors, Governors, ITET
providers and Local Authority Officers.

National Insect Week 2014 – Little Things That Run The World
23rd to 29th June 2014

National Insect Week encourages people of all ages to learn more about insects. Every two years, the Royal Entomological Society organises the week, supported by a number of partner organisations with interests in the science, natural history and conservation of insects.