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RSC LearnChemistry - Developing Experience in Chemistry Teaching module Structures and Bonding

Date: Tuesday 22nd October 2013

Time: 03:00 PM to 05:30 PM

Location : Institute of Education, London

Cost : Free

RSC LearnChemistry CPD Workshops - Developing expertise in teaching Structure and Bonding in Chemistry, Pre-16

We will be running a free pilot of the RSC Developing Experience in Chemistry Teaching module Structures and Bonding here at IOE on 22nd October from 3pm – 5.30pm.

The event is aimed at those who are fairly new to teaching chemistry or non-specialists and will be considering teaching of bonding at ks4 and below. 


Please email to reserve a place on this twilight course – places are restricted so please apply early. This CPD workshop provides a ‘hands-on’ opportunity for teachers to explore effective strategies for teaching structure and bonding at pre-16 level. The Structure and Bonding (pre-16) workshop is most suited to teachers who may be:

• relatively new in post
• teaching chemistry outside their own subject specialism
• keen to increase their own understanding of, and confidence to teach, this topic at pre -16 level.
Supported by an experienced trainer, participants will:
• appreciate the ‘thread’ of key ideas crucial to students’ understanding of this topic;
• learn about some of the ‘misconceptions’ that can arise when teaching this topic and explore ways of dealing with them in the classroom;
• try out a range of engaging and relevant activities, practicals and demonstrations;
• share views about effective strategies for supporting and enhancing the teaching and learning of structure and bonding;
• learn more about the range of resources and support available from the RSC.

Workshop participants will be provided with a pack of resources and will also learn how to access the wide range of online resources and additional support provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

Programme exemplar (e.g. a 3 hour session)* and suggested timings

15 mins
 Registration, tea and coffee
15 mins
 Introductions, LearnChemistry and expectations
− Welcome and a quick overview of LearnChemistry.
− Introductions round the room. What can we expect from this workshop?
20 mins
 Threads and links – how confident? Exploring ideas about bonding
− A review of the sequence and progression of ideas relating to structure and bonding
− Self-evaluation - how confident are you in teaching aspects of structure and bonding?
− Key ideas and common student problems/misconceptions with structure and bonding.
65 mins
 Bonding: challenging the models
− Diagnostic tools and simple-to-set-up practical activities and demonstrations.
− Relating these practicals to models – discussion of model strengths and limitations.
− Common problems and ‘misconceptions.
25 mins
 Exploring the nature of bonding. It’s all electrostatics!
− Simple demonstrations to grab attention - attractions and repulsions.
− A logical route through?
− How can we get the ideas across? Sharing strategies, activities and a possible teaching sequence.
20 mins
 Structure and Bonding - taking it further.
− Periodic trends and the ‘spectrum of bonding’.
− Explaining chemical reactions? Limitations of the model.
− Tying it all together - relating structure and properties.
20 mins
 More about resources and support from the RSC, plenary and evaluation
 Close

*These are the suggested timings for a 3 hr workshop. The exact timings and content can be adapted to some extent by arrangement with the session trainer and to take account of shorter workshop time (minimum 2hrs).