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Sandfields Primary Teach meet 5 th February 2014

25 February 2014


ASE and Sandfield’s Primary Science Teach Meet 5th Feb 2014

29 teachers from 22 different schools came along to a Teach Meet held at Sandfield Close Primary School.  Sandfield is committed to disseminating good primary science practice, as they received their  Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) back in October 2013.

DSCF6380aAfter a fun and interesting warm-up activity involving 30 rubber gloves, Tanya Dempster, ASE rep, explained about the books that would be essential for schools.  Roshni Maher, an NQT at Sandfield, led an activity that she had learnt about on a recent course involving using gyroscopes and making spinners for improving investigation skills.  Claire Simpson, CPD+, explained about the courses available in the Midlands area.  Sarah Eames, Science leader at Sandfield, explained about ‘Tinkering Tables’, and the importance of exploring, disposable nappies were an interesting example.  The Royal Microscopical Society RMS) also lend  microscopes and activities to schools and Sarah promoted their use in schools