The Association for Science Education

North East - Committee members

Mr David Bailey

Position : Region Chair

Mrs Janet Barnett - CSciTeach

Position : Primary Section Region Member

Mr Lyn Bossons

Position : Newsletter Editor

Dr Alan Brennan

Position : Tees Section Member

Mr Nicolas Brown - CSciTeach

Position : Tees Section Committee Member

Mrs Chris Colclough - CSciTeach

Position : Wear Section Member of Region

Mrs Angelina Cooke

Position : Region committee member

Mr Patrick Dower

Position : Field Officer for North of England

Mrs Lynne Horton - CSciTeach

Position : Member of Tyne Section of Region

Dr Neil Hutton

Position : Region Honorary Members

Mr Noel Jackson - CSciTeach

Position : Tyne Section Member

Ms Joanne Rout

Position : Region Committee Member NQT

Dr Ruth Wiltsher

Position : Wear Section Member of Region Committee