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Are you joining the Big Animal Research Debate

Date: Monday 14th to Thursday 17th October 2013

Time: 05:05 PM to 05:05 PM

Location : Cambridge, Imperial, Oxford and Manchester Universities

Want to get your students talking about science and ethics? Want them to develop important critical thinking and debating skills? Get involved in The Big Animal Research Debate!

With over 35 universities and an increasing number of schools involved, the Big Animal Research Debate is already creating a buzz. All it takes to participate is one lesson between the 14 - 17th October. Help schools and universities answer the big question - Should we ban all forms of animal research? Information on signing up, as well as the schools pack is available here: More schools information, including our schools pack can be found here:

The Big Animal Research Debate is a unique series of school and university debates on animal research, featuring students from across the UK. Universities signed up include Cambridge, Imperial, Oxford and Manchester Universities. Many of these debates will be streamed live on the internet, to allow students to engage with the arguments on both sides.

The debates run from the 14th to 17th October 2013 to coincide with Biology Week and there are free online resources available for your class to participate in this important nationwide discussion. We hope to have as many schools as possible get involved to debate the question “This House Would Ban All Forms of Animal Research”.

More information can be found on

If your school is interested in participating in the Big Animal Research Debate during the four days of the 14th – 17th October we encourage you to register your interest with us. In doing so, your school can contribute to the nationwide results of the Big Animal Research Debate. We are also looking at ways to pair schools with their local university debating society in order that they might be able to assist with the running of the debate.

It’s important that students are encouraged to take an active part in debating important and controversial issues – including those around science and research. I hope as many students, schools and universities as possible are able to participate in The Big Animal Research Debate”.

Shabana Mahmood MP, Labour, Shadow Secretary for Universities and Science

Register your interest by signing up here: