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Welcome to the ICASE January – February 2016 Newsletter!

The ICASE Newsletter is a publication containing current information about ICASE, initiatives conducted by ICASE member organisations, and topics of interest in the field of science education.

Our report from ASE Northern Ireland - 2014/2015

This report from our Field Officer evaluates the past year's activity in ASE Northern Ireland.

ASENI - AGM Agenda 16 June 2015

Our Agenda for the next AGM on the 16 June 2015 in Belfast.

Resources from ASE NI Conference - Personalised Medicine

This presentation from the ASE NI Biennial conference in Belfast (5 June 2015) by Ken Mill from the Centre of Cancer Research and Cell Biology, outline the potential impacts of personalised medicine from the lab to the clinic.

Raising Attainment in GCSE Science

A workshop delivered by Ed Walsh. To register for this CPD course contact Lorna Monroe -

Plant Science: A stimulus for Numeracy, Literacy and Creativity

Using plant materials teachers can develop creative teaching methodologies that ensure good science learning in the classroom whilst developing the essential skill sets of pupils.

Region 11 Northern Ireland Newsletter - Jan 2014

Region 11 Northern Ireland Newsletter - Jan 2014

ASE(NI) Region Annual Business Meeting

The Annual Business Meeting of the ASE(NI) Region will take place on Tuesday 22nd October at 7:30 the Senate Room, Lanyon Building, Queen's University, Belfast.

Sir Paul Nurse Lecture

A Royal Irish Academy Discourse

The NI STEM pipeline: Will we find any scientists there in the near future?

A workforce with sophisticated skills in STEM areas has been identified as essential asset for economic competitiveness in the near future due to the rapid shifts in global industrial trends. The NI STEM Report acknowledged that there were not enough people choosing to study STEM subjects at school, College or University to provide a good “pipeline” of STEM graduates to the jobs market. The report also outlined how this STEM pipeline and its development is a priority, both to create a modern workforce and to ensure that young people engage with STEM given that the world around them will become increasingly scientific and technical. Read the Full Report by clicking on the link above.

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