The Association for Science Education

Scotland - Committee members

The new committee structure for Scotland from April 2013 is outlined here.

The committee comprises: the 4 Section Chairs; the Conference Organising Group Chair (for the 2014 conference I will be chairing this group); the Web and Communications Coordinator and the Co-opted Field Officer. The Region Chair can nominate a Regional Treasurer to also be on the committee or take on this role his or herself. The  elected Region Chair will serve for two years, running from a month after the annual business meeting. The functions of the Region Committee are:

  • to keep members informed of science education issues in Scotland;
  • to provide and publicise programmes of events in each Section and the Scottish Annual Conference;
  • to ensure ASE in Scotland is represented on national bodies;
  • to seek and collate member views on science educations matters and use this to inform national debate;
  • to provide information for the website;
  • to monitor the ASE in Scotland budget.

The committee will meet twice a year, once at the Scottish Annual Conference and once in early September. Most committee business will be conducted using 'virtual' methods as agreed by the committee. In January there will be a Section development workshop of around three hours for Section officers and other Section committee members. Elections for Chair will be electronic, open to all members in Scotland and administered by ASE HQ.  Election results will be posted on both the UK news and Scotland ASE websites. This is an opportunity for someone with a vision of how to re-energise and improve the ASE in Scotland to step forward and take on a leadership role. There is plenty of scope for reform and new ideas.

Dr Robin Andrews

Position : Region Committee Member

Mr Tim Browett - RSci

Position : Region Chair/Region Secretary

Mr Brian Carroll

Position : Field Officer

Dr Heather Earnshaw

Position : Region Committee member

Mrs Susan Henderson

Position : Committee Member

Mrs Jennifer Rees-Jenkins

Position : Committee member

Mr Ed Twentyman

Position : Region Committee Member

Dr Michael Walker

Position : Region Committee Member

Ms Carolyn Yates

Position : Committee Member