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Science at the First National Youth Film Festival

Date: Monday 21st October to Friday 8th November 2013

Time: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Location : National Locations

Cost : Free Events

The BFI are launching the UK’s first National Youth Film Festival from 21 October – 8 November 2013, and teacher should know all the (free!) things the festival has to offer them. 

  • Over 1500 cinema screenings of 136 films, including premieres
  • Education resources for EVERY film title
  • Filmmaking workshops
  • Bespoke toolkits for schools to run their own Film Festivals
  • Filmmaking competitions
  • Film Character Dress Up day on the first day of the festival
  • Brilliant speakers (household names in filmmaking)
  • Live Q&A with a director 

It is designed to bring the curriculum to life (there will be a variety of cross-curricular innovative learning tools provided throughout), as well as being a hugely exciting inspirational experience, which teachers can use as a reward for their pupils.

Films for science teachers and students

The film festival includes Environment film strand called “What on Earth?”, and there will be 17 films associated with this strand. The films will look at the amazing planet we live on - Earth. The extraordinarily enormous Universe and the nothingness of space in-between fascinates and frightens us in equal measure. The films in this section look at our relationship with the Earth, with nature and with the creatures that we share the land with, reminding us just how fragile, resilient and precious our world is. But it's not all deadly serious as we trip through the ages bumping into the odd dinosaur and prehistoric man and woman on the way. There's even some talking food too - mmm!

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