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Wed. 18/02/15

The Institution of Engineering and Technology newsletter has information to:
Help your students come to grips with applications of science by participating in I'm an Engineer, Get me out of Here!
Faraday teaching resource of the month: 'Smart Sensors'
Inspire your students with resources celebrating the International Year of Light
Further your STEM projects with support from the Engineering Education Grant Scheme

STEM e-bulletin Feb2015

Wed. 18/02/15

The current bulletin contains info on the following topics


Scottish Education STEM Award 2015 – 16 February closing date for nominations

Submit your science seminar proposals for SLF 2015 – 27 February closing date
See the new resources on the Primary Science Glow site and blog

Submit entries for the Our Environment competition
Giant Panda reporters make the world a better place
First Minister meets winners of Physics Higgs Prize

Scotland gets ready for the 2015 PISA study which will focus on science


Technologies 3-18 Curriculum Impact Report to be launched on the 9 March – watch this space

Scottish Education Learning Through Technologies Award – 16 February closing date for nominations

Numeracy and mathematics

Develop mathematical thinking in number using resources for place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication

Support materials and advice on the national qualifications
Professional focus paper for Number Skills National 1

Curriculum Structures survey report

Tue. 17/02/15

Thank you to those who responded last year to the Learned Societies’ Group on Scottish Science Education (the LSG) request for information on how the sciences are being delivered in secondary schools and on your experiences of the CfE and qualification reforms. The LSG has now produced a report based on the survey responses and this is available from:

ASE Scotland Region ABM

Fri. 19/12/14

Notice is hereby given that the Annual Business will take place on Saturday 7th March 2015 from 12:30pm to 1pm in Robert Gordon’s College, Aberdeen

Education Scotland STEM e-bulletin November 2014

Mon. 24/11/14

The latest bulletin has been issued. Science articles are:
Twig and Tigtag updates
RM Unify Tiles on Glow 365
YESC 2015 Junior Saltire Awards
Our Environment Competition on Scotland’s Environment web
STEM at Scottish universities
Aberdeen City N4/ N5 resources for Chemistry and Physics.

Practical science at risk in Scottish schools

Fri. 21/11/14

New research published today, finds that pupils in state schools in Scotland are not being provided with the science equipment and resources to meets the demands of the curriculum and that teachers are insufficiently supported to teach science.

Education Scotland STEM e-bulletin

Mon. 06/10/14

The October issue advertises Development Officer posts for Community Resilience and Learning for Sustainability.