The Association for Science Education

Brighton Science Festival

Date: Saturday 16th February to Sunday 3rd March 2013

Time: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Location : Brighton

The Festival in 2013 runs from 6th Feb to the 3rd March. There is a great programme this year, including appearances from Ben Goldacre and Brooke Magnanti (Belle de Jour).

Bright Sparks (Feb 16-17th) weekend brings the family together for a stream of hands-on workshops and demos, everyone an eye-popper. Hissing cockroaches, reptiles, sheep patting, edible geology, science magic or operate a giant drawing machine in an action packed weekend of live science.

Half Term week (Feb18-22nd) At the Latest Music Bar the week will be spent building a beach, sandcastles, deckchairs, seagulls and all, when there isn’t a break for games and                forensics. At the Booth Museum you will be looking at microscopes and dinosaurs. At the Blind Tiger you can find how to fool your taste buds. At the Phoenix the art of paint restoration. And on Monday 18th The Pocket Science Festival will be in Crawley, at the Hawth.

White Heat (Feb 23-24th) is designed with post-12s in mind – more demanding activities for a more demanding age. With zombies, practical jokes, vampires, robots, skateboard technology, the Incredible Machine and ingenious inventions in a weekend of creativity and scientific mayhem.