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Free CPD event:Is it the Athlete or the Machine that wins the event?

Date: Monday 25th February 2013

Time: 12:37 PM to 12:37 PM

Location : Higham Lane School, Nuneaton, CV10 OBJ

Cost : FREE

This free ASE CPD event is based on teaching resource from the Royal Academy of Engineering: the Athlete or Machine: it is being held at Higham Lane School,  Nuneaton, CV10 OBJ on Monday February 25th 2013 from 4.15 -6.15

You will engage in discussion about whether it is the Athlete or the Machine (in this case a ski bob) that wins the event. You will make a ski bob and fire it off with a Barbie doll on it! This is a great activity and it is a good time to build upon the Olympics interest with pupils.  There will be the opportunity to discuss issues around the variety of factors influencing the result.The activity is based on student led investigation and problem solving. Through the activities the students will gradually develop an understanding of the sport and factors that are key to success. Students need to identify factors that influence the bob skeleton and then investigate each one of these factors through practical mathematical and scientific activities. Students should be able to provide a sophisticated and justified answer to the big question. The activity can be run as a CREST award. You will receive a box of equipment worth £70 to enable you to take the kit back to school and do the activity with other teachers or pupils.

Please let me know ( if you would like to reserve a place the first 15 people to sign up will receive a free box of kit. This is limited to one box per school.