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Evaluation of the Teachmeet Feb 26th 2015

A positive response to a successful Teachmeet. See the presentation titles and attendees response

Region Committee Minutes for Jan 2015

These are unconfirmed minutes for your information.


This paper reports the very favourable responses of attendees to the conference. We hope to do something similar in 2015

Minutesof the Annual Business Meeting held on Nov. 15th 2014

A record of the business transacted at the Annual Business Meeting (Unconfirmed until the next ABM) Reports of the year's activity and results of elections. If you are interested in joining the committee please contact our secretary Ann Sell

Minutes of the Region Committee Meeting held on April 2nd 2014

The committee scrutinised the evaluation report on the successful 2013 November conference in order to identify pointers for future conferences. they also discussed the role of the Region Committee in the light of the revised Operating Procedures devised by headquarters. They also began the planning for the 2014 conference.

Minutes of the Region Committee Meeting of September 9th 2014

Confirmed minutes of our Region Committee meeting. The ASE Chief executive, Shaun Reason and our Field Officer, Frances Evans joined us for the meeting. Following an update from Headquarters the main business was the final planning for the successful November conference which a umber o you will now have experienced

Science Technicians Conference 2014

A report of this very successful conference is attached

Region 13 West of England Newsletter - February 2014

Catch up with the top resources and regional events from the ASE West of England newsletter this February.

Minutes of the region Committee Jan 2014

This was a scheduled meeting to review activities and confirm the plans for upcoming events. We were fortunate to have our Field Officer, Frances Evans with us to give us a headquarters perspective. We were consulted on the contents of the Region Handbook which is being updated.

Region 16 West of England Newsletter - Spring 2013

All the latest news and events from ASE Region 13 - West of England in Spring 2013.

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