The Association for Science Education

Region Annual Business meeting

Date: Friday 28th September to Sunday 18th November 2012

Time: 10:17 PM to 10:17 PM

Location : Science Learning Science Centre, South West at @Bristol

Cost : No charge.

ASE West of England

Notice of the Annual Business Meeting to be held

on 17th November 2012, SLCSW @ Bristol

Provisional Agenda

1. Welcome and a BIG thank you      Chair: (Sarah Earle)

 2. Annual reports:

i)          Secretary (Ann Sell)

ii)          Treasurer (Joyce Dalton)

 3. Members renewing terms of office

      i)                  President (Paul Denley) 2012-2013

 4. Elections

Members are invited to nominate any other member of the region to any of the following position in advance of, or at the beginning of the meeting

Nominations so far are;

     i)                   Chair (Sarah Earle) 2012-2013  

     ii)                  Secretary (Ann Sell) 2012-2015

     iii)                  Treasurer (Joyce Dalton) 2012-2015

     iv)                Committee member (Helen Martin) 2012-2015

     v)                  Committee member  (Fen Marshall) 2012-2015

     vi)         Honorary Member of ASE, Membership Secretary and official web editor (Dennis Sutton) 2012-


5. Members with continuing terms of office

     i)                  Ex-Officio (Dr. Alison Rivett)

     ii)                   Elected (Matthew Fletcher) 2010-2013

     iii)                  Elected (Keith Gibbs) 2010-2013

     iv)                  Elected (Lou Knighton-Callister) 2010-2013

      v)              Elected (Helen Rogerson) 2011-2014

      vi)         Elected (Dave Williams ) 2011-2014

6.  To note the Ex Officio membership of the new Field Officer

                  Frances Evans

7.  Date and venue for next committee meeting 24th January 2013 @ SLCSW.

8. AOB.

Ann Sell (Regional Secretary)