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Books for practical work

Bookshop - Biology: Ideas and Experiments

The books below are a selection of titles available from ASE Publications that are of helpful in developing practical work in school, for the full selection of titles in the ASE Bookshop click here.

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Biology: Ideas and Experiments: Science Notes from School Science Review
This collection of ideas and experiments provides ideas on how to develop practice towards a more interactive and investigative classroom.
A review of this publication appeared in School Science Review, to read it click here.

School Chemistry Experiments
A collection of tried and tested chemistry experiments to be used in school laboratories.

Making Sense of Primary Science Investigations
This popular resource helps teachers, especially non-scientists and beginningteachers, to understand the fair-test type of scientific investigations.

Bookshop - Analysing practical activities

Analysing Practical Science Activities
This booklet presents a method for analysing practical activities to provide a clear description of their principal features. This analysis provides a basis for considering the effectiveness of a practical activity, and for thinking about how it might be modified to improve it. To view excerpts of this book including the Introduction and the section 'Analysing Practical Activities', click here. The book was reviewed in the School Science Review journal.

SC1 Investigation for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
A bank of differentiated investigations for primary schools. Gives guidance and support in the teaching, organisation and recording of investigations at primary level, enabling progression without duplication.

Be Safe! 4th Edition
The ONLY publication that gives advice on both safety in primary school science and practical science and technology in primary schools across the UK Health.

Safeguards in the School Laboratory 11th Edition

Bookshop - Language of MeasurementA concise account of the best advice available on health and safety in science for secondary schools.

The Language of Measurement - Terminology used in school science investigations
Designed to help teachers become confident about the special terminology associated with practical investigations, when it should be used, and what specific terms mean. To view excerpts of this book including the Introduction, part of the Glossary and two Illustrative Investigations, click here.