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e-ASE Digital Publications

Digital ASE

From 2013, ASE will be producing some of its most valued publications in pdf format. Look for news of e-ASE publications by signing up for the monthly ASE Newsletter! 

Now available in digital format. 

ASE Guide To Secondary Education

ASE Guide to Secondary Science Education

This highly regarded book is for all those involved in secondary school science education. It offers guidance and practical support for student and practising teachers, technicians and assistants, and those with management responsibilities for science. To download the full contents list, Introduction and sample pages, click here. Available now in pdf format – buy the whole book or buy the section that you need today.

ASE Guide to Secondary Science Education – 5 sections, 26 chapters – excellent value

  • Section 1 The contexts for science education
  • Section 2 Learning science
  • Section 3 Teaching science
  • Section 4 Assessment and attainment
  • Section 5 Management and development

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Be Safe Welsh Edition

Be Safe! 4th edition Welsh language version

Welsh language version of the bestselling Be Safe! – an indispensible and bestselling resource – every primary school needs at least one copy! ASE guidance that is used extensively in English-medium primary schools is now available to Welsh-medium primary schools.

Gofal piau hi! Argraffiad Cymraeg wedi’i gyhoeddi mewn ffurf PDF

Brig-lyfr ac adnodd anhepgor – mae angen i bob ysgol gynradd un copi o leiaf! Yr unig gyhoeddiad sy’n cynnig cyngor i ysgolion cynradd ar draws y DU ynghylch gwaith ymarferol mewn Gwyddoniaeth a Thechnoleg. Fersiwn Cymraeg o frig-lyfr sy’n addas i’r ysgol gynradd Gymraeg. Gallwch brynu eich copi neu gael rhagor o wybodaeth o’n gwefan: 

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Adolygiad Gofal Pia Hi! (Review)