The Association for Science Education

Key Speakers at ASE Annual Conference 2017

ESTA: Distinguished Speaker

Just announced! Professor Monica Grady 

This year's Earth Science keynote is from Professor Monica Grady who is Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences and Director, Cosmochemistry Research Group. Prior to that, Monica was in the Department of Mineralogy at the Natural History Museum in London, where she headed the Meteorite team. Recently she has become recognised for her delight at the landing of Rosetta that was captured on the news.

Thursday 4pm 

Just announced! Dr R. Subramaniam - Students’ learning in the physical sciences   

Physical sciences topics often present considerable difficulties for students to achieve conceptual understanding; a number of concepts, especially in physics, are counter-intuitive to real life experiences. It is therefore necessary to probe students’ understanding deeper so that it can unpack their thinking further. One way to obtain a better appreciation of students’ understanding is to make use of approaches commonly used in the educational psychology literature when evaluating students using traditional assessment instruments.

Dr R. Subramaniam is an Associate Professor at the National Institute of Education in Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. His current research interests are in the areas of science education, physics education, chemistry education, STEM education, primary science education, informal science education and science communication.

Saturday 2pm

Just announced! Dr Mike Maunder, Eden Project 

Dr Mike Maunder, a leader in plant conservation and horticulture, is the first Director of Life Sciences at the Eden Project. Mike leads on horticulture, agronomy and all Eden’s areas of science and research programmes and is a key contributor to the project’s expanding education and learning activities.

Saturday 11am

Just announced!  Dame Alison Peacock, Chartered College of Teaching 

January 2017, sees Professor Dame Alison Peacock take on the role of the first Chief Executive of the Chartered College of Teaching. Alison has extensive, practical experience across primary, secondary and advisory roles, leading schools to success and shaping policy. Under her leadership, the Chartered College of Teaching will offer teacher-led professional standards, a professional code of ethics, and a platform for sharing knowledge.

Thursday 3pm

AC17 Keynote Speaker

David Weston, Teacher Development Trust - Unleashing excellence in science teaching 

Twitter: @informed_edu

Preparing the next generation of scientists, engineers and technologists is one of society’s most important jobs. We have some of the most exceptional pockets of science teaching practice in the world, so how can we go further to unleash the best practice in every school? David Weston will describe how the new Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development can underpin the next push for rich, subject-specialist development for teachers in every school with a central role for expert subject associations. David is the founder and Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust, and the Chair of the Department for Education’s Teacher Development Expert Group. He is a school governor and a former secondary maths and physics teacher.

Thursday 10am

AC17 Keynote Speaker

Dr Mary Oliver, University of Nottingham - Mathematics and science for life 

Mascil (mathematics and science for life!) aims to promote inquiry-based science teaching. It also connects mathematics and science education to the world of work. The aim is to help students gain them the competencies they need for their future professional and personal lives as active citizens.

Wednesday 1.30pm

AC17 Keynote Speaker

Marcus du Sautoy

Marcus du Sautoy is the Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science at the Oxford University, a chair he holds jointly at the Department of Continuing Education and the Mathematical Institute. He is also a Professor of Mathematics and a Fellow of New College. His keynote at the ASE Annual Conference is perfect timing given the new, strong focus on mathematics in science.

Thursday 3pm

AC17 Keynote Speaker

Talking science debate - Chaired by Professor David Read

Professor David Read chairs a debate on ‘Benefits of and barriers to incorporating independent research projects into the curriculum’. Join hosts the Institute of Physics, the Royal Society, the Royal Society of Biology, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Wellcome Trust, for a debate and wine.

Friday 4pm

AC17 Keynote Speaker

Yes you can! with ASE

Practical activities that are NOT banned! Some enthusiastic demonstrations from the ASE’s Health & Safety Group illustrating a range of practical activities that teachers can do. So try activities that you might have thought were banned.

Friday 10am

AC17 Keynote Speaker - Justin Dillon

AC17 Keynote Speaker

Professors Justin Dillon & Arjen Wals - Moving from citizen to civic science

Justin Dillon is Professor of Science and Environmental Education & Head of School, at the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol.

Arjen Walls is Professor of Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Sustainability at the Education and Competence Studies Group of Wageningen University where he also holds a UNESCO Chair of Social Learning and Sustainable Development.

Wednesday 5pm

AC17 Keynote Speaker

Charles Tracy, Institute of Physics - A new approach to improving gender balance

Like many organisations, the IOP has been working for many years to improve gender balance in the uptake of physics post-16. However, the proportion of girls choosing physics has remained at around 21%. Following our most recent reports, we have been piloting interventions with the whole school staff. Early evidence suggests this can make a genuine and marked difference.

Thursday 1pm

AC17 Keynote Speaker

Neil Monteiro

Neil returns to the ASE Annual Conference due to popular demand for his startling and inspiring show. Neil studied Physics at Imperial College London before going on to deliver talks and workshops in the Reach Out Lab as part of the College’s outreach programme. He gives interactive talks and demonstration lectures about all kinds of science and maths but specialises in using a mix of physics, psychology and illusions to illustrate the weirder side of science.

Saturday 11am

AC17 Keynote Speaker

Kavli education medal lecture

Professor Becky Parker MBE - Students as scientists: running real research in schools

Hear from the Royal Society Kavli education medal winner, Professor Becky Parker MBE, about the experience of getting students to carry out real scientific research, the effects it has had on attainment and progression, and find out how to do the same in your school.

Thursday 2pm

AC17 Keynote Speaker

Martin Post, Regional Schools Commissioner for North West London and South Central England

Martin Post started his role as Regional Schools Commissioner for North West London and South Central England (NWLSC) in August 2014. As Regional Schools Commissioner for NWLSC, Martin is responsible for making decisions about the academies and free schools in 27 local authorities. Before his appointment, Martin was Headmaster of Watford Grammar School for Boys for 14 years. Earlier in his career he has also served as both a local leader of education and a national leader of education as well as a trustee of the Teacher Development Trust.

Thursday 1pm

AC17 Keynote Speaker

ASE President’s address

Professor Danielle George

Professor Danielle George begins a second year as ASE President. Join her for a stimulating view on contemporary science.

Friday 2pm

AC17 Keynote Speaker

Professor Louise Archer, Kings’ College London - Shaping participation

Professor Archer will share insights from the ASPIRES2 and enterprising science projects into the factors that shape young people’s participation in science. Louise is Professor of Sociology of Education; Director of the ASPIRES and ASPIRES2 projects (Science Aspirations and Career Choice age 10-14 and 14-19); and KCL Director, the Enterprising Science project, in partnership with BP and the Science Museum.

Thursday 11am