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Key Speakers

ASE were delighted to have a host of key speakers contribute to the ASE Annual Conference 2014. Associated resources with their sessions are listed below.

Keynote Speakers - Resources available from ASE Annual Conference 2014tbc

Prof. Alice Roberts - ASE Presidential Address

ASE President, Prof. Alice Roberts talked about whether teaching is part of what makes us uniquely human in her presidential address. Alice is a clinical anatomist, author, broadcaster and Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham. Friday 10 January 2014

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Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock - Reaching for the Stars: A Beginner’s Guide to the Universe 

New Sky at Night presenter finds ways to engage primary school kids with the wonders of the universe can be challenging due to the complex concepts and large numbers. Maggie Aderin-Pocock spoke of her experience in using this field of science to break down stereotypes and engaging kids with the wonders that are out there. Saturday 11 January 2014

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Tim Oates - Coursework in public examinations - should we have it at all?

Tim Oates is Group Director of Assessment Research and Development at Cambridge Assessment. Tim is an assessment expert who regularly advises governments all over the world. This was an OCR special event. Thursday 9 January.

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Dr Yan Wong - Evolution of the senses

Yan Wong is a evolutionary biologist and BBC presenter on Bang Goes the Theory. For more information visit This was an OCR special event. Friday 10 January.

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Brian Cartwright HMI - Ofsted Update - Maintaining Curiosity 

Brian Cartwright is the National Lead for Science. He presented the latest examples of best practice in science education collected during subject inspections of primary and secondary schools. This was a NAIGS day special event. Friday 10 January.

Download the presentation on Ofsted's science expert pages

Dr Jeremy Pritchard - Plant adaptation to changing environments

Resources on how to use bioinformatics techniques used in genetic manipulation. Jeremy is a senior lecturer in Biology at the University of Birmingham. Saturday 11 January 2014.

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Ioannis Miaoulis - Re-engineering the curriculum

Does the current school curriculum need to better focus on the human-made world? From the Museum of Science, Boston, USA, Ioannis asked if our educational systems have missed the point. Thursday 9 January 2014.

K-12 Engineering – the Missing Core Discipline Free book chapter download Visit the National Center for Technological Literacy (NCTL) website:

Prof. Aaron Sloman - Could a baby robot grow up to be a mathematician?

This frontier science lecture discussed whether we can give a robot spatial reasoning abilities found in very young children and many other animals? Aaron is from the School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. Saturday 11 January 2014.

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Dr Francisco Diego - Teaching the history of the universe

Popular astronomer, TV presenter and UCL Research fellow, Dr Francisco Diego, spoke about his new project Think Universe: All is One with science teacher, Shirin Sheikh-Bahai. This gives teachers a novel and simple approach to all natural sciences. From the surface of the Sun to subatomic particles. Saturday 11 January.

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