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Best Practice Guidance: CPD

Training and continuing subject specific professional development are essential components in maintaining high standards of quality science education and in meeting the need for change within science education.

Best Practice Guidance: ITE

• The Association believes that preservice teachers are entitled to a professional education provided by partnerships between schools and other providers, such as universities. ITE courses need to meet the current national standards that apply in their part of the UK.

Best Practice Guidance: Professional Recognition

It is through the process of engagement in CPD and reflection as part of professional practice that a model of professionalism develops. For technicians and teachers in schools and colleges, an appropriate qualification is only the starting point for the status of a professional.

Best Practice Guidance: Scientific Enquiry

Science curricula across the UK all include reference to the ways in which scientific knowledge is acquired. Statutory requirements use a range of terminology (for example inquiry and investigative skills, how science works, and working scientifically) which essentially describe the process of scientific enquiry.

Overview of Initial Teacher Education (ITE)

This is an overview of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) provided by Higher Education Institutes (HEIs.

Best Practice Guidance: Technicians

The demands of the science curricula in the UK can only be achieved when a suitable number of appropriately trained technical support staff is available.

Scientific enquiry

Scientific Enquiry describes the processes and skills pupils should be taught and use, to find out more about the world and how it works. Arguably, all children (regardless of where they live and the curriculum their schools follow) should carry out scientific enquiry – skills and processes apply beyond formal curricular boundaries. It’s about good science, after all!

Exhibition Form - Terms and Conditions

Exhibition Form - Terms and Conditions

AGM 2017
Exhibition Form - ASE Northern Conference 2017 (Sheffield)

Exhibition Form - ASE Northern Conference 2017 (Sheffield)

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