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Reviewers - ASE Book of the Year Award 2016-17

This award has been designed to celebrate science writing that educates and inspires science learners of all ages. The award will initially be presented at our prestigious annual conference which will raise the profile of science publishing and showcase the best authors to our members and non-members.

ASE: The Language of Mathematics in Science - A Guide for Teachers of 11–16 Science

his publication provides an overview of relevant ideas in secondary school mathematics and where they are used in science. It aims to clarify terminology, and indicate where there may be problems in student understanding. The publication includes explanations of key ideas and terminology in mathematics, guidance about good practice in applying mathematical ideas in science, along with a glossary of terms.

Policy Statement: Response to Educational Excellence Everywhere White Paper

ASE Response and recommendations to Government's 2016 white paper 'Educational Excellence Everywhere'.

Policy Statement: Supply of Teacher Inquiry

From an alliance science organisations : Royal Society of Chemistry, Institute of Physics, the Royal Society of Biology, the Royal Society and the Association for Science Education

Draft Minutes of the AGM held on 9/1/2016
ATSE16 Strengthening Science Teacher Training Resources

Strengthening Science Teacher Training - ATSE Day Conference 12 May 2016 at King's College London

Great Bug Hunt 2016 - Flyer

A Great Competition for Primary Schools to encourage pupils to get outside to learn more about living things and their habitats and to use the outdoor classroom. Simply identify a local habitat, get the pupils to explore and discover the minibeasts (bugs) that live there, draw them and record their findings – it’s that easy!

H&S Resource -Topics in Safety 12: Assessing Carcinogenic Hazards

This Topic is written for anyone who uses chemicals, not just chemists. It eschews extensive tables of chemicals and their hazards, concentrating instead on the principles, as other publications are available with more extensive information, e.g. CLEAPSS Hazcards1 and SSERC Hazardous Chemicals Database2.

Annual conference flyer
ASE Response to Education Excellence
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