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CSciTeach Application from Nicola Beverley
H&S Resource -Topics in Safety 3 Science Technicians

The science team comprises the head of science, teachers and technicians all of whom have a role in health and safety. Communications among team members are vital but not always simple. A department needs communication systems which enable all views to be heard and valued equally. Technicians often deal with larger quantities of materials and, usually, heavier loads than teachers or students. Their health and safety can be at risk if they rush their work, suffer constant interruptions and work in cramped conditions.

Programme Preview - ASE Annual Conference 2017

AC17 - Programme Preview - ASE Annual Conference

H&S Resource -Topics in Safety 16 Working with DNA

This Topic is an updated version of Topic 16, which appeared in the 3rd edition of Topics in Safety (ASE, 2001). The updating has been necessary because of changes in the way work with DNA is regulated, and the availability of a greater range of practical activities, particularly from the USA.

CSciTeach application from Adam Little
CSciTeach Application from Andrea Jackson
CSciTeach Application from Belinda Brown
CSciTeach Application from Benjamin Stephenson
CSciTeach Application from Chris Tisdell
CSciTeach Application from Frances Dainty
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