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H&S Resource -Topics in Safety 18: Optical radiation: infrared, ultraviolet and visible light

here have been changes in legislation on optical radiation, and changes to the classification of lasers and LEDs since the 3rd edition. Laser devices and light emitting devices have become available in higher optical outputs and greater selection of spectral outputs since 2001.

H&S Resource:Yes! You can - Notes 2016

Notes from the session at the ASE Annual Meeting January 2016. The purpose of the presentation is to encourage practical science by helping teachers and technicians identify safe ways of working, and also to help develop new, exciting, and safe practical activities. This has always been the ambition of the ASE Health and Safety Group (formerly the Safeguards in Science committee).

Amanda Poole - Application for CSciTeach
Jessica Kelly RSciTech Application
Paul Batterbury - Application for CSciTeach
Clare Brady Application for RSciTech
Review Sheet for 27th February 2016
Tina Farr Application for RSciTech
Power Point Presentation given at Education Group
European Science Education Projects
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