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  • Featured KS2 Resource: Measles AlertFeatured KS2 Resource: Measles Alert

    29 Sep 2016

    Today’s featured resources tasks your 9-11 year old children with stopping an outbreak of measles using their maths, science and research skills.

  • Featured KS2 Resource: History DetectivesFeatured KS2 Resource: History Detectives

    28 Sep 2016

    This resource incorporates links to both the history and English curriculum by encouraging children to become detectives to uncover what really happened in the case of James Phipps, the first child to be vaccinated against smallpox.

  • Featured KS2 Resource: The Speckled MonsterFeatured KS2 Resource: The Speckled Monster

    27 Sep 2016

    Today we are focusing on “The Speckled Monster” resource which consists of three activities designed as an introduction to smallpox, and the development of vaccinations resulting from Edward Jenner’s ideas, investigations and collection of evidence.

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