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  • The Language of Mathematics in ScienceThe Language of Mathematics in Science

    16 Sep 2014

    Concerns have often been raised by science teachers that there is not a good level of understanding of the mathematical aspects of science amongst students.

  • Guidance published for teaching pubertyGuidance published for teaching puberty

    04 Sep 2014

    The ASE has jointly worked with the PSHE Association to produce a brief for teachers offering advice on teaching puberty in schools. The briefing provides guidance to schools about their statutory duties to ensure that all children learn about puberty as part of a well rounded PSHE and Science education.

  • House of Commons discusses practical science in schoolsHouse of Commons discusses practical science in schools

    04 Sep 2014

    There have been a number of concerns and objections to the model put forward by Ofqual for the assessment of practical skills in A level science. In response to these objections the science and technology committee invited a number of organisations, including ASE, to discuss possible alternatives.

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