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  • Featured KS2 Resource: The Speckled MonsterFeatured KS2 Resource: The Speckled Monster

    27 Sep 2016

    Today we are focusing on “The Speckled Monster” resource which consists of three activities designed as an introduction to smallpox, and the development of vaccinations resulting from Edward Jenner’s ideas, investigations and collection of evidence.

  • Featured KS2 Resource: JAMES the FilmFeatured KS2 Resource: JAMES the Film

    26 Sep 2016

    Featured resource: Transport your pupils back to a time when smallpox stalked the world and introduce them to Dr Jenner, James Phipps, and the experiment that has probably saved their lives...

  • Government Response: Make STEM teacher recruitment a priorityGovernment Response: Make STEM teacher recruitment a priority

    21 Sep 2016

    We've made a joint response alongside key stakeholders to the Government urging them to keep STEM teachers on the Shortage Occupation List.

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