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Advertising Opportunities in ASE Journals

In addition to Conference and Exhibition Advertising Opportunities, the ASE has several opportunities for advertising within its journals, which include:

Education in Science

As our house magazine, EiS is sent to all members of the Association four times a year. It is a professional, rather than an academic journal, and is the principal means of communication between all sections of the membership, through which members are kept informed about current ASE initiatives and activities. It provides members with the opportunity to share ideas and information with colleagues.

What Education In Science can do for you

We have over 14,000 members and all of them are part of your niche audience. Four times a year we bring you the opportunity to parade your products and services in front of the people who want to buy them, capturing their attention before your competitors have the chance.

Journal Themes
EiS themes are topical, recent examples include: 'Creativity in the curriculum’, ‘Careers in science’ and ‘Changes in assessment?’

EiS is published in September / November / February / May

EiS Publication Date May 2015 Sep 2015 Nov 2015 Feb 2016
Issue Number  260 261 262 263
Booking Deadline Apr 8  July 10 Sept 18 Deb 11
Copy Deadline Apr 15 July 17 Sept 25 Dec 18
Despatch Starts May 29 Aug 31 Nov 6 Feb 1

Small Advertisement Rates
Small advertisements may only be placed by ASE members. The charge for small advertisements is 25p per word with a minimum charge of £5.00 per advertisement.
Contact Jane Hanrott via email or by telephone at 01707 283000 for more information.

Please contact Rebecca Dixon-Watmough at with regard to advertising availability and space and for further details. 
Click here to download more information about Advertising in the ASE Journals.

School Science Review

School Science Review (SSR) is a themed journal for science teachers in 11-19 education, and all those concerned with this area of education. It is widely distributed in the UK to science teachers in secondary schools, local authority advisers and inspectors, teachers' centres, science teacher trainers and libraries, whilst also having a sizeable overseas readership. Published quarterly, it has 144 pages, and functions as a forum for science teachers.

What School Science Review can do for you

Once again, this publication offers you a unique showcase for your products and services. The circulation figures are impressive (9,000 UK and Eire and 1,000 overseas) and the audience already need what you have to offer. 
It is published only quarterly, making it a reference tool rather than just a magazine, thus providing you with more lasting exposure.

Journal Themes

SSR Journal Themes Mar 2015 Jun 2015 Sept 2015 Dec 2015 Mar 2016 Jun 2016 Sept 2016
Issue Number 96-356 96-357 97-358 97-359 97-360 97-361 98-362
Theme No theme Practical Work I  Practical Work II Literacy in Science Mathematics in science (Richard Needham) No theme planned No theme planned


School Science Review is published in September / December / March / June.

SSR Publication Date June 2015 Sept 2015 Dec 2015 Mar 2016
Issue Number  96-357 97-358 97-359 97-360
Booking Deadline Apr 3 July 10 Oct 2 Dec 28
Copy Deadline Apr 10 July 17 Oct 9 Jan 12
Despatch Starts May 23 Aug 28 Nov 20 Feb 19

Please contact Rebecca Dixon-Watmough at with regard to advertising availability and space. 
Click here to download more information about Advertising in the ASE Journals.

Primary Science

Primary Science (PS) is a themed journal for all those involved in primary science education for children aged 3-12, including primary teachers, primary science co-ordinators, primary schools, local authority advisers and inspectors and science teacher trainers. It is a forum for sharing information and ideas and includes articles and book/ICT reviews about teaching, learning and assessing science. 

What Primary Science can do for you

Whether you have something to sell, a service to offer, an event to publicise or merely something to shout about, Primary Science will deliver your message directly to your target audience. 
Our circulation is unique in both numbers and specificity (4,000 UK and Eire, 500 overseas), bringing you precisely the exposure you need.

Journal Themes
Past journal themes include: ‘Electrickery’ and ‘Exploring humanity’

Primary Science Journal Themes

March 2015

May/June 2015

Sept/Oct 2015

Nov/Dec 2015

Jan/Feb 2016

Issue Number 138 139 140 141 142
Theme Outdoor and about Thinking modes Overcoming barriers Transition Theme to be confirmed

Published: September / November / January / March / May

Primary Science Publication Date Mar/Apr 2015 May/Jun 2015 Sept/Oct 2015 Nov/Dec 2015 Jan/Feb 2016 March/Apr 2016
Issue Number  138 139 140 141 142 143
Booking Deadline Dec 28 Mar 5 Jun 26 Aug 27 Oct 16 Dec 28
Copy Deadline Jan 23 Mar 27 July 3 Sep 18 Nov 6 Jan 22
Despatch Starts Mar 3 May 5 Aug 27 Oct 28 Jan 4 Mar 3

Please contact Rebecca Dixon-Watmough at with regard to advertising availability and space. 
Click here to download more information about Advertising in the ASE Journals.

Other advertising opportunities

Loose Inserts 
For all Journals, Deadline & Delivery - 2 weeks before despatch starts

  • 10g per leaflet = £70 per 1,000
  • 15g per leaflet = £80 per 1,000
  • 20g per leaflet = £90 per 1,000

A minimum charge of £30+vat will apply.


  • EIS & PSR = A4 
  • SSR = B5 (check advertising info for trim size)

For EIS: Various regions can be selected if you do not wish to target the whole of the UK. Please click here to view the map. 

Other advertising venues include the ASE Conference Preview, Conference Handbook, Scottish Science Education Conference Handbook, the Wallplanner and the schoolscience website. For more information on how these can assist with promotion to your target audience, download our media pack.

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