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Education in Science

Editor: Shaun Reason

Education in Science (EiS) is ASE's house magazine and four issues are published a year. It is a professional journal that shares information and expertise from science educators and the wider science education community including STEM. The magazine covers all phases of education from early years to post-16, as well as including material for teacher educators, student teachers, technicians, researchers, curriculum and professional developers, in the UK and worldwide. Articles include:

  • Topical issues in science education
  • New initiatives, projects and events
  • Letters and opinion pieces
  • Updates from ASE's committees and specialist groups

EiS Xtra


Readers of the ASE's in-house magazine can access additional material in between issues in EiSXtra (available digitally).

Some Education in Science articles are Open Access - this is indicated by the links that appear without the padlock icon. If you would like to access the full archive, join as a member online.

      Education in Science - 267Education in Science - 267

      Theme: Annual Conference Special
      Education in Science (EiS) is ASE's quarterly house magazine with additional material available online. This issue includes ideas shared from ASE Annual Conference 2017 from practical sessions to the key questions posed by ASE President and engineer, Prof. Danielle George. Alongside our regulars from the world of 11-19 science education, educational research, primary science and technicians, features explore the botanical world, careers from Transport for London, inspirational technology education and how simple memory training can help science education.


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