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Primary Science Focus – Reading 2015 Looking back and looking forward

Issue: February 2015 259

Author: Lois Kelly

Reasearch Focus - Reflections on research at the ASE Conference

Issue: February 2015 259

Author: Debra McGregor, Leonard Newton, Fiona Woodhouse

Extract: There was something for everyone related to research at the ASE Annual Conference this year, whether a primary or secondary school science teacher, trainee, teacher educator, researcher or teaching assistant.

11-19 Committee Update - report from Reading 2015

Issue: February 2015 259

Extract: Choosing which sessions to attend at the Annual Conference is always a challenging process. It is easy to return to the classroom enthused with so many ideas that it becomes impossible to utilise them all in your practice.

The Prep Room

Issue: February 2015 259

Author: Compiled by Sue Smith

Science Learning Centres Roundup – The Network at Reading 2015

Issue: February 2015 259

Author: Adam Little

Notes and News

Issue: February 2015 259


Issue: November 2014 258


Issue: November 2014 258

Author: Shaun Reason, Chief Executive, Association for Science Education

ASE in action

Issue: November 2014 258

Extract: - Teaching about puberty - ASE Annual Conference 2015 top picks - #ASEchat past, present and future - Stimulating the mind with science fiction - Teaching Controversial Issues

ASE: Lead article: The future of science teacher education

Issue: November 2014 258

Author: Christine Harrison, Chair of the Association for Science Education

Extract: Initial teacher education is vital in order to produce a skilled and confident teaching workforce. It has a key role in making teaching a profession that more people aspire to join, and in securing teachers’ status in society.

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