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Primary Science Focus: Green and Gorgeous CLEAPSS Competition

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: How children designed a vehicle from plastic materials. How a competition can encourage science-based creative and critical thinking.

Safety matters! Lasers pointers used for science experiments - a note of caution

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Lasers are particularly useful for practicals, but are you aware of the hazards? (From ASE Health and Safety Specialist Group)

Cool new approach uses food science in teaching

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Gill Harrison of the Chilled Food Association tells us how to use food in science classes and includes information about STEM careers.

EiS Xtra - The Prep Room: Meet your Committee

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: In this article, we introduce you to the ASE Science Laboratory Technicians Committee – your Committee, to give you an insight into just who we are. (EiS Xtra - additional digital content, full article)

ASE Support for the new A-Level practical assessment

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: How we intend to support and monitor the way teachers approach the new A-level practical assessment. (From ASE 11-19 Committee)

Research focus: Introducing action research for science teachers

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Deb McGregor and Fiona Woodhouse consider defining an approach to action research, questions to consider and examples from practitioners.

School-University Partnerships Initiative

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Marieke Royle writes about an example of a school-university partnership that introduces students to evolutionary research.

International News: Helping STEM students thrive in a multipolar world

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Graham Jones tells us know about a project that is taking an unusual approach to improve cross-border communication and teamwork within STEM.

Note and News

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: - RI Christmas Lectures - The world's largest lesson - Cyber Security through the ages

EiS Xtra - Scrapping practical science: Nothing more than a 'sticking plaster' solution

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: In this opinion piece, Gerard Ezcurra explains why Ofqual needs to urgently rethink the removal of practical experiments from GCSE assessment. (EiS Xtra - additional digital content)

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