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Annual Conference 2016: What's out there?

Issue: February 2016 263

Extract: Reflections from the Primary Science Committee on what's ‘out there’ for primary schools.

Annual Conference 2016: A spotlight on action research

Issue: February 2016 263

Author: Deb McGregor, Catarina Correia, Fiona Woodhouse and Shirley Simon

Extract: Action Research (AR) was under the spotlight at this year’s Conference with a series of science teacher practitioner research workshops and poster presentations, organised by members of the ASE Research Specialist Group.

Annual Conference 2016: Other Highlights

Issue: February 2016 263

Extract: - Connecting science and literacy by Christine Anne Royce, Shippensburg University, USA - Enneagrams: student behaviour by Jane Still, School of Education, University of Bristol - Teaching about Energy and Climate Change by Keith Ross, - Going Wild: the 2016 Margaret Collis Lecture - STEM Education for Global Justice by John Oversby - Teaching Using Real Weather Data Dr Sarah Perryman et al, Rothamsted Research - Science on the IB - Corry Blades, Curriculum Manager for Biology and Psychology, International Baccalaureate

A Year of Fieldwork – why do we need it?

Issue: February 2016 263

Extract: Steve Tilling explores the Year of Fieldwork and it's aims to promote the benefits of fieldwork and secure its future for students studying science, geography and related subjects. ASE will be joining the campaign with a series of activities this year, building on its tradition of fighting for fieldwork as an essential part of science education.

Primary Science Quality Mark – an update

Issue: February 2016 263

The Prep Room

Issue: February 2016 263

Author: Simon Quinnell and Sue Smith

Extract: It seems a long time ago now but, to refresh your memories and to remind you that it’s happening this year as well, here’s a brief report on the fun (and learning) that we had at last year’s National Technicians’ Conference.

New resources from

Issue: February 2016 263

11-19 Update: How many potatoes does it take to charge an iPhone? Science Fairs in schools

Issue: February 2016 263

Author: George Reakes

Extract: Have you ever considered running a Science Fair at your school – a competition where students plan and produce a project of their choice and present it at a special event attended by members of the community? An event like this is a great way to promote and develop enquiry skills, raise engagement and motivation, and involve every student, not just the top attainers, in ‘doing science’.

Fastbleep Pharmacy: Research Experience Day

Issue: February 2016 263

Author: David G. Allison and Sarah Forbes

Extract: This School-University Partnership Initiative introduces Year 12 (age 17) high school pupils from the Greater Manchester area to a pharmacy-based research experience activity at the University of Manchester.

Inspire your students to choose a career in science

Issue: February 2016 263

Extract: With the debate raging about the decline in secondary school pupils studying the STEM subjects and the worrying effect that this could have on the future UK economy, it is more important than ever to get young people inspired and excited about science-related careers.

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