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More professionals talking physics than ever before!

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: Kirsty Jones

Extract: TalkPhysics, the Institute of Physics’ community website for teachers of physics and their supporters, is now used by over 7,500 professionals in physics education. Whether seeking or giving advice, contributing to discussions or accessing the wealth of resources available, it is not only a great time-saver, but will also genuinely enrich your teaching experiences.

Letters to the Editor

Issue: May 2013 252

Primary Science Focus - Reasons to be cheerful!

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: Primary Science Committeen

Extract: The new primary curriculum: a new Programme of Study for science

Science Learning Centres Roundup

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: Yvonne Baker

Extract: Is CPD making an impact in the classroom? What is good CPD? How can we improve the measurement of CPD impact?

Publications Committee Update - Why use #ASEChat?

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: Rob Butler

Extract: Over a year ago, leaders at ASE had a brainwave. They had asked themselves how they could get science teachers to talk to each other and build a community that would move forward the teaching of science. By choosing Twitter and modelling a chat system based on other Twitter-based conversations, #ASEChat was born.

11-19 Committee Update - Moving to linear courses

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: John Charlesworth

Extract: Once again, we are being bombarded with changes with little time to prepare, but we are certain that this summer will be the last time pupils will sit modular exams. This will have implications in the short and long term; in this article, I have outlined some discussions from ASE Annual Conference and which have been continuing in the science department in my school.

International News

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: Lynne Symonds

Extract: ASE and CASTME (Commonwealth Association for Science, Technology and Maths Educators) announce the Alexander Award winner 2013. This is given specifically to a woman who has improved understanding of STEM, working in challenging circumstances. The latest recipient is Mary Andoh, the teacher of tailoring at Savelugu Vocational School for Girls, Northern Ghana. Savelugu is in remote Northern Ghana, a region in which education for girls and women is relatively new.

Research Focus: Trainee teachers’ perceptions of the nature of science

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: Charles Golabek, Linda Amrane-Cooper

Extract: ...pre-service teacher training in the UK context: A reflective narrative

The Prep Room

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: Julia Bostock

Extract: Benchmarks for secondary schools and technician staffing

Notes and News

Issue: May 2013 252

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