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Educational Neuroscience: What can we learn?

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: Derek Bell

Extract: There has been, without doubt, a marked increase in interest, research and publications exploring ways in which educational practices might be influenced by neuroscience. Most recently, in the UK this interest has been demonstrated by the call for proposals to develop, evaluate and communicate the impact of education interventions grounded in neuroscience research.

Writing a science book: an ASE member’s experience

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: Jonathan Whellan

Extract: I was somewhere on the M1 near Leicester when it popped into my head: ‘I should write a book.’ Not just any book, but a popular science book for pupils. Free rein to share the things I loved about biology, answer the questions really asked in lessons and turn the hose onto the parched earth of the syllabus.

The Bright Ideas Campaign

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: Faye Sherlock

Extract: Timstar’s Bright Ideas Campaign aimed to seek innovative product ideas from science teachers and technicians that would inspire young people to work scientifically.

Chemistry at Work: a model of school-community partnership

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: Margaret R. Ritchie

Extract: Chemistry at Work1 is a unique programme that provides an outstanding opportunity to contextualise learning for primary and secondary pupils, giving them an insight into future careers and skills required for the work place.

Citizen Science: Getting more involved with science

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: Poppy Leeder

Extract: So, what is citizen science? Well, at its most basic it is citizens getting involved in science projects; this might be by gathering data, asking questions or analysing existing data. It can take place in many settings, maybe outside in the school playing field or a local park, in a computer laboratory or by using a mobile phone to take photographs, record data and upload.

11-19 Committee Update

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: Helen Harden

Extract: Update from the newly launched science leaders' hub which offer advice from other science leaders that have improved particular area in their departments.

International News

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: Lynne Symonds

Extract: The CASTME/ASE Award 2014. This prestigious award is specifically for a woman who has made a difference to the understanding of socially relevant science/maths/technology for girls and women, working in challenging circumstances.

Science Learning Centres Roundup

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: Joy Parvin

Extract: Focus on supporting primary teachers in partnership with ASE.

The Prep Room

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: Sue Smith

Extract: Sue Smith highlights some excellent CPD opportunities for technicians and top tips.

Research Focus

Issue: May 2014 256

Author: John Oversby

Extract: Education and education research are related, but are not the same. Education research is concerned with improving learning at all levels, but can range from policy to the nature of knowledge, as well as interventions in the classroom or with teachers.

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