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Techs: Top tips for technicians

Issue: May 2016 264

Extract: Shortcuts and money saving ideas for science technicians These Top Tips are compiled by members of the ASE Science Laboratory Technicians Committee.

Techs: Avon Sci Tech Group and technicians on Facebook

Issue: May 2016 264

Extract: The Avon Sci Tech group began over 22 years ago, with two very small meetings in our local area of Avon. Later, this expanded to the whole area with the help of our Science Adviser.

Techs: ASE technicians go the NVON Conference

Issue: May 2016 264

Extract: In summer 2015, the ASE Technicians Committee was invited to the NVON Conference in Deventer, the Netherlands. Sue Smith and Simon Quinnell attended on behalf of the Committee.

Techs: A sound workshop for our Science Club

Issue: May 2016 264

Extract: Liz Shaw tells us all about her school's Science Club for Year 7 (age 12), where they investigated sound using a number of different experiments.

Techs: 10 years of the National STEM Learning Centre

Issue: May 2016 264

Extract: Simon Quinnell reflects on a decade of CPD for technicians and how different the roles and practices in technical services are from school to school.

Techs: I am a RSciTech

Issue: May 2016 264

Extract: Views from Registered Science Technicians.

CPD opportunities at science education conferences

Issue: May 2016 264

Extract: Jonathan Taylor looks at what CPD opportunities a science education conference offers trainee teachers of science.

Hear ye, hear ye…or not!

Issue: May 2016 264

Extract: Andy Piggott investigates the impacts of noise in the school science classroom and how to think about acoustic design of spaces for learning.

ASE Green Tick Evaluation: latest awards

Issue: May 2016 264

Extract: Full evaluations of the latest resources including: - AQA GCSE Student Books from Collins (2016) - IntoScience: A digital learning resource for KS3

11-19 Committee Update: highlights from Birmingham 2016

Issue: May 2016 264

Extract: The excellent Conference programme preview allowed even novice conference-goers to plan their days effectively this year. The range and variety of topics covered across the four days was awesome. To quote the chair of Ofqual, ‘I am amazed by the size of the Conference and the opportunities for PD that are on offer’.

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