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Issue: November 2016 266

Extract: - New exciting BBC iniative for 9-11 year olds - Challenges facing the transport industry - 3 minute hero campaign - Pioneering teacher development for 10 teachers in Scotland


Issue: September 2016 265


Issue: September 2016 265

Author: Shaun Reason

Extract: Welcome to this first issue of the 2016- 17 academic year. By the time you read this we will be into another hectic year in education. There will be challenges, whether you work inside or outside the UK. Even in our relatively small geographical area of the UK, we are increasingly delivering and assessing science in new and differing ways across the four nations.

ASE in Action

Issue: September 2016 265

ASE: Chair of the Association 2016/17

Issue: September 2016 265

Extract: Introducing the new Chair of the Association for Science Education for 2016/12 - Chris Colclough.

ASE: Post-16 science and FE

Issue: September 2016 265

Author: Helen Roberts

Extract: In July we heard that responsibility for the FE and Skills sector will soon come under the remit of the Department for Education (DfE). This could be good news for those of us who would like to improve collaboration among all science educators; there are certainly differences between science education in schools and colleges, but also many similarities and fantastic opportunities to work together.

ASE: What counts as CPD?

Issue: September 2016 265

Author: Paul Denley

Extract: For many teachers of science, there is great variation in the quantity and quality of continuing professional development (CPD) in which they are able to take part and often little co-ordination to ensure that teachers are fully aware of the range of provision for them to be able to take advantage of it.

The Great Primary Science Share...

Issue: September 2016 265

Author: Pat Dower

Extract: Manchester is the European City of Science 2016 –recognition of its unique scientific heritage and contribution to scientific discovery, innovation and industry. To celebrate Manchester being the first UK city to be designated European City of Science (ECoS), there has been a full programme of activities happening throughout the year, from The Great STEM TeachMeet, to the Robot Orchestra Project, to the Great Science Share.

Science on Stage 2016 - Teacher's Stories

Issue: September 2016 265

Extract: With the Science on Stage 2017 festival in Hungary less than a year away, the search is on for the next group of excellent teachers to become the 2017 UK delegation. This is a unique opportunity for teachers and technicians to present their best science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teaching methods and activities, representing their school or college at an international level.

I'm a Scientist: gender differences in online engagement

Issue: September 2016 265

Author: Natasha Plaister and Jessica Hamer

Extract: Since March 2014, the Institute of Physics has been running a project called ‘Improving Gender Balance’, which explores how schools can increase the proportion of girls taking A-level physics. Last year, the project sponsored two zones in the I’m a Scientist online event. Students from our partner schools took part in live online chats with a panel of five scientists, with the aim of increasing the students’ engagement with science and scientists.

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