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ASE: Reading 2015 – SAILing into working scientifically

Issue: February 2015 259

Author: Christine Harrison

Extract: An Overview of the SAILS Project (Strategies for Assessment of Inquiry Learning in Science) based at King’s College London.

ASE: Reading 2015 – Frontier Science

Issue: February 2015 259

Extract: Every year, a huge variety of scientific lectures are put on at ASE Annual Conferences, given by leading experts in their fields from the host university. This article is a snapshot of some of the fascinating sessions.

ASE: Reading 2015 – International Day

Issue: February 2015 259

Extract: The aim of the day is always to present good practice, research and resources from the UK and ‘overseas’ so that delegates have the chance to learn from what is happening in other countries apart from their own.

ASE: Reading 2015 – Igniting the imagination with Fran Scott

Issue: February 2015 259

Extract: In Fran’s opening comments, she explained that, when working in TV, there is only a very short time – around 3-4 minutes – to convey a valid and meaningful scientific idea in an entertaining and digestible manner.

Science from the Start: science for pre-school children

Issue: February 2015 259

Extract: Science from the Start is an initiative to provide informal science learning opportunities for pre-school aged children, using play-based learning activities, along with accessible scientific background information for accompanying adults.

Primary Science Focus – Reading 2015 Looking back and looking forward

Issue: February 2015 259

Author: Lois Kelly

Reasearch Focus - Reflections on research at the ASE Conference

Issue: February 2015 259

Author: Debra McGregor, Leonard Newton, Fiona Woodhouse

Extract: There was something for everyone related to research at the ASE Annual Conference this year, whether a primary or secondary school science teacher, trainee, teacher educator, researcher or teaching assistant.

11-19 Committee Update - report from Reading 2015

Issue: February 2015 259

Extract: Choosing which sessions to attend at the Annual Conference is always a challenging process. It is easy to return to the classroom enthused with so many ideas that it becomes impossible to utilise them all in your practice.

The Prep Room

Issue: February 2015 259

Author: Compiled by Sue Smith

Science Learning Centres Roundup – The Network at Reading 2015

Issue: February 2015 259

Author: Adam Little

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