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Issue: September 2015 261

Chair of the Associaton 2015/16

Issue: September 2015 261

Special feature: Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Issue: September 2015 261

Extract: The inclusion of special educational needs and disabled (SEND) students in the classrooms of mainstream schools can be a cause of concern for the teacher. With the new changes to schools’ progress measures coming into effect in 2016, showing that all children are making progress can be challenging. With the right training and guidance however, it needn’t be.

Fume cupboards in schools

Issue: September 2015 261

Author: Andy Piggott

Extract: There should be at least one person in the science department who is familiar with the contents of CLEAPSS G9 (or SSERC guidance in Scotland) and able to advise other staff on operational and testing issues and on the purchase and maintenance of fume cupboards.

The 2015 NSTA Conference: reflections on a first visit

Issue: September 2015 261

Author: Kulvinder Kaur Johal

Extract: Kulvinder was the lucky ASE member chosen to attend the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference in Chicago, USA. She shares her experiences.

Learning lessons from Finland and Estonia

Issue: September 2015 261

Author: Neil McIntyre

Extract: Over recent years, much has been written about science education in UK schools and possible reasons why we fare relatively poorly in international league tables compared to countries such as Finland and Estonia.

What resources to buy? The ASE Green Tick Evaluation Scheme

Issue: September 2015 261

Extract: ASE's new service to members and educational publishers – the Green Tick Evaluation Scheme.

ASE and Space Science

Issue: September 2015 261

Extract: The National Space Academy project has become the UK’s leading national education programme based on space science and engineering, with full time spin-out courses for young space engineers and a strong connection to the rapidly expanding UK space sector.

Primary science in Wales and Northern Ireland

Issue: September 2015 261

Author: Compiled by Lois Kelly

Extract: Many of our readers are familiar with the primary science scene in England, but what are the challenges and successes in other UK countries? – a roundup of resources

Issue: September 2015 261

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