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ASE: ASE events 2014 – the story so far!

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: Welcome to a new regular feature in EiS – a round up of events happening nationally or locally, run or supported by ASE. Please visit: for further details and booking forms for all ASE events.

ASE: Get involved! Leadership opportunities with ASE

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: One of the major advantages of membership of ASE is the opportunity to share your expertise with your colleagues. Getting involved with ASE’s governance (Council or Assembly) will challenge your strategic thinking and put you at the heart of steering ASE’s direction into the future.

ASE: New Curriculum Question Time – your questions answered

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: Is the new national curriculum an improvement? Are we too precious about science? How do you prepare future scientists for the challenges to come. What is the impact of no science coursework?

ASE: Achieving excellence in science provision

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: In a 2013 interview with Optimus Education, Pete Robinson, Chair of ASE, explains how to develop excellent teaching and learning in science.

ASE: Annual Conference 2014

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: What did you miss at ASE Annual Conference 2014. Roger McCune recounts his CPD experience at this landmark ASE event.

Science on Stage London 2015

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: In London 2015, 350 teachers from across Europe and Canada will converge upon London to participate in a four-day Festival, which will showcase some of the best practice in science education.

School science inspired by improving weather forecasts

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: The atmosphere, weather and climate change are also relevant and topical contexts through which to engage young people about a variety of scientific processes taught within the school science curriculum. The project website provides information, resources and activities to support teachers in the delivery of a range of content within science at Key Stages 3 and 4.

Beat the flood...

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: Why teaching STEM is so important and why one academy got involved with Practical Action.

Don't throw away your radioactive source!

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: This article is a plea to do all that you can to hang on to your radioactive sources. We have been contacted by some schools that are reluctantly seeking to dispose of their radioactive sources.

Safety Matters!

Issue: February 2014 255

Extract: News from the ASE Health and Safety Specialist Group.

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