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#ASEchat celebrates it's fourth birthday

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Why social media is important for reflection in science teaching and learning.

Developing the ASE professional learning community of practice

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Caro Garrett and Jo Conn describe the future of our professional learning community including teacher development and initial teacher education.

ASE Scotland Annual Conference 2015

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Stuart Farmer shares some insights from our Aberdeen conference!

Mission X: What Space travel can offer students

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Kulvinder Johal explains what pupils can get out of space travel.

The Mighty Sky...Mightier yet

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: A thousand parents, 200 primary pupils and a youth symphony orchestra all gather to celebrate astronomy through music, poetry and lasers!

Science in a community of practice: An approach to the Olympic Legacy

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Lyn Haynes explains how major reconstruction of the Olympic park provides opportunities for science in the community.

Practical ideas for raising interest and challenging stereotypes in school science

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Danny Nicholson explores why many students from the ages of 5 or 6 are switching off from science.

Talking and writing science

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Jane Turner and Claire Seeley explore how BBC broadcaster, Simon Mayo's novel 'Itch' can inspire students to get talking and writing about science.

Primary Science Focus: Green and Gorgeous CLEAPSS Competition

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: How children designed a vehicle from plastic materials. How a competition can encourage science-based creative and critical thinking.

Safety matters! Lasers pointers used for science experiments - a note of caution

Issue: May 2015 260

Extract: Lasers are particularly useful for practicals, but are you aware of the hazards? (From ASE Health and Safety Specialist Group)

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