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Issue: May 2013 252

Editorial - Looking in and watching out

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: Annette Smith

Extract: We are approaching the end of the consultation stage of the draft National Curriculum in England, and numerous other changes to education in England are under way or promised soon...

ASE in Action

Issue: May 2013 252

Extract: Blogs from the ASE Annual Conference 2013, we farewell to Scotland's Field Officer and news about EiSXtra.

The ASE Annual Conference 2013: an overview

Issue: May 2013 252

How IS the ASE Annual Conference perceived...?

Issue: May 2013 252

Extract: The 2013 ASE Annual Conference at Reading provided the perfect platform for students to experience CPD and network with science educators. These are their reflections.

The missing link: an ideal Year 9 experience from upd8

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: Helen Rogerson, Tony Sherborne

Extract: What are the highlights of upd8’s Year 9 (age 14) offering? – over 80 lessons are available for the first time in the upd8 store (

Borrow the Moon: STFC Lunar Samples & Meteorites Loan Scheme

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: Nick Swift

Extract: Why and how to borrow the Moon. The Apollo missions brought back 382kg of Moon rock. The financial cost of getting these rocks was historically eye-watering so, understandably, NASA is choosy about who gets to play with them. Luckily some have been set aside for loan to schools and the public.

Barriers to women in science

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: Rosemary Butler

Extract: The Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales, Rosemary Butler AM, has put the issue of barriers to women in public life at the top of the political agenda in Wales. She has held sessions with women across Wales to find out what those barriers are and how they can be tackled. On International Women’s Day in February, she invited renowned scientist, Baroness Susan Greenfield, to give a keynote address on barriers to women in science. In this article, the Presiding Officer explores those barriers.

Science for health literacy: it’s never been so important

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: The Lifelab Team

Extract: Lifelab is a science-based approach to changing teenagers’ health-related attitudes and behaviour.

RCUK School-University Partnerships Initiative: Connecting schools and universities together

Issue: May 2013 252

Author: Claudine Anderson, Ruth Williams

Extract: Connecting schools with cutting edge research and researchers can inspire and motivate young people. There is evidence that bringing contemporary research into the classroom is of key importance

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