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Issue: March 2015 137

Focus on…

Issue: March 2015 137

Author: Editor, Tara Lievesley

Extract: Barriers to teaching and learning are different for different people; they can depend significantly on previous experience. This is illustrated well within this issue, with articles ranging from teachers new to the profession sharing their own thoughts on the barriers that others in their position might be facing to experienced practitioners sharing how they have worked at helping a whole school to develop.

Notice board

Issue: March 2015 137

Extract: - New Brenda Keogh Primary Science Award - Native British Honey Bee DVD - Science on stage 2015 - Advance notice for ASE Annual Conference 2016 - Nominate someone for the Primary Science Teacher Awards

So who teaches you?

Issue: March 2015 137

Author: Bob Kibble considers this important question recently asked of him by an eight-year-old.

Overcoming barriers through the use of the familiar

Issue: March 2015 137

Author: William James Turner believes self-imposed barriers can be overcome by replacing the old ‘textbook method’ of science with a more creative, discovery led approach.

WOBBLY CORNER: Breathing or respiration?

Issue: March 2015 137

Author: Leigh Hoath explains the difference between these commonly confused terms.

Being right isn’t persuasive!

Issue: March 2015 137

Author: Lynne Bianchi shares a project that has proved successful with helping schools to discover and overcome their barriers.

Why clone a sheep when they all look the same anyway?

Issue: March 2015 137

Author: Terry Russell and Linda McGuigan continue the reports of their Nuffield funded project to explore the teaching and learning of evolution and inheritance.

Making science meaningful for young people with diverse needs

Issue: March 2015 137

Author: Di Stead describes how a relevant and meaningful science curriculum was developed at a school for young people with autism spectrum disorders.

Lindley Junior School takes over Chester Zoo

Issue: March 2015 137

Author: Lara Bottomley, Mark Breen and year 6 pupils, Louis Wood, Laura Hutchinson, Hannah Millard, Ans Muhammad and Charlotte Bellarby-Ladocha, share their school’s ‘fantastic’ day at the zoo.

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