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UPDATE: So what has changed in the final version of the Primary National Curriculum for England?

Issue: November 2013 130

Extract: Tara Mawby attempts a quick summary


Issue: November 2013 130


Issue: September 2013 129

Tackling weather and climate change creatively in science

Issue: September 2013 129

Author: Murray Dale

Extract: Murray Dale offers some practical support for teaching about weather, climate and climate change.

Now, here’s the weather forecast …

Issue: September 2013 129

Author: Mathew Richardson

Extract: Mathew Richardson from the Met Office explains what the national weather service can offer you to help teach about the science behind weather and forecasting

How do we clean our water and how clean does it need to be?

Issue: September 2013 129

Author: Niki Whitburn

Extract: Niki Whitburn sets children the challenge of producing ‘clean’ water and investigating the real-life process to help them appreciate the value of this vital resource

Earth science – it’s all about the processes

Issue: September 2013 129

Author: Chris King

Extract: Chris King from the Earth Science Education Unit outlines some activities that develop learning about Earth processes and the rocks they form through modelling and hands-on practicals

Going wild!

Issue: September 2013 129

Author: Lucie Muir and Rae Tabram

Extract: Lucie Muir and Rae Tabram show you how to ‘go wild’ in the classroom with – a free multimedia guide to the world’s animals and plants

Journey to the outdoors

Issue: September 2013 129

Author: Margaret Boyd

Extract: Margaret Boyd wants to know why we don’t make more use of the outdoor classroom

What happened next? Making and using an interactive DVD quiz game

Issue: September 2013 129

Author: Jonny Sluman

Extract: Jonny Sluman shares how he successfully converted a home game into an exciting, creative science activity at school

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