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Issue: March 2013 127

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Issue: January 2013 126

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Issue: January 2013 126

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Issue: January 2013 126

The science of 'I don't know'

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Tom Pringle (aka Dr Bunhead)

Extract: First instalment of a two-part article that looks at the science and art of ignorance in his travels around the world.

Is science lost in ‘The world around us?'

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Aideen Johnson

Extract: The impact of recent curriculum and assessment changes on primary science in Northern Ireland.

Does science rule out religion?

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Kim Blythe

Extract: The question of whether we should be debating science and religion in primary schools.

Skilled up and having fun

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Anne Goldsworthy

Extract: Ways to develop skills with younger children that are far from dull.

Exploring ‘The World Around Us’ in a Community of Scientific Enquiry

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Lynda Dunlop, Kirsty Compton, Linda Clarke and Valerie McKelvey-Martin

Extract: A project to develop scientific literacy at key stage 2 in Northern Ireland.

Let them have a go: using the Science games DVD

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Di Stead and Tim Griffiths

Extract: Working on models and how a DVD can help you include games, models and analogies in your teaching.

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