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Introducing evolution into the primary curriculum

Issue: November 2015 140

Extract: Stuart Scrase, a year 6 teacher and the science coordinator at a Tower Hamlet’s Primary School, reflects on teaching evolution for the first time.

Freshly squeezed? I prefer concentrated!

Issue: November 2015 140

Extract: Amy Strachan on the dangers of squeezing science in the curriculum and how to inject science throughout the timetable.

Making marble tracks can involve lots of fun as well as STEM learning

Issue: November 2015 140

Extract: Bert Nagel explains how it is possible to have 20 or more marble tracks running for several weeks in your classroom.

Science swap shop

Issue: November 2015 140

Extract: Four-page pull-out for sharing activity ideas that can be photocopied and used in class or taken home.

A successful recipe for engaging primary school children with industry

Issue: November 2015 140

Extract: Clare Warren describes how the Centre for Industry Education Collaboration is engaging children in real-life industrial problems and has opened her eyes to the educational opportunities industry can provide.

Introducing the TAPS pyramid model

Issue: November 2015 140

Extract: Sarah Earle, TAPS project lead, explains how this supports teacher assessment.

Approaches and activities for engaging children with key ideas in science

Issue: November 2015 140

Extract: Pauline Patterson from the Cams Hill Science Consortium shares a collection of their ideas on approaches and activities for teaching key ideas in the new English National Curriculum.

Thinking skills and Bloom’s Taxonomy

Issue: November 2015 140

Extract: John Crossland explores the misuse of Bloom’s Taxonomy.


Issue: November 2015 140

Extract: New resources for teaching evolution: - Let’s talk about evolution by Jo Horlock, Stuart Naylor and Jo Moules - Charles Darwin and the theory of natural selection by Alan J. Hesse Other Reviews: - Rechargeable Ultimate Stopwatches from TTS - The big countdown: 70 thousand, million, million, million stars in space by Paul Rockett


Issue: September 2015 139

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