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Look, think, talk! Making thinking more ‘visible’ in the classroom

Issue: September 2014 134

Author: Gaynor Weavers gets us thinking about what successful science lessons could look like.

Think big! The Human Condition project

Issue: September 2014 134

Author: Gareth Metcalfe shares how this project is bringing the big ideas of science education to life in his school.

Change the way your pupils learn by practising creative thinking and visualisation

Issue: September 2014 134

Author: Mick Statham outlines how to get started with the visualisation techniques he introduced in the first instalment of this two-part article.

Avoiding neurological pitfalls

Issue: September 2014 134

Author: John Crossland points us in the right direction.

Research into inheritance and evolution (with Dr Who’s help!)

Issue: September 2014 134

Author: Terry Russell and Linda McGuigan invite teachers to try some techniques for finding out primary school children’s ideas on evolution and inheritance.

The science of cycling

Issue: September 2014 134

Author: Zoe Crompton and Shelley Daniels offer a range of ideas for science investigations related to cycling.

Bone marrow matters

Issue: September 2014 134

Author: Mick Dunne and Rania Maklad describe a classroom-based research project conducted by Emma Heaney, a final-year student teacher.

Stories and science: stirring children’s imagination

Issue: September 2014 134

Author: Claire Seeley and Sarah Gallagher share how stories can stimulate science and bring it to life.

How entertainment media aid learning about the natural world

Issue: September 2014 134

Author: Sai Pathmanathan describes her research into the educational role of entertainment media.


Issue: September 2014 134

Extract: - Talk box: speaking and listening activities for learning at key stage 1 - Lyn Dawes and Claire Sams - Thinking together: a programme of activities for developing speaking, listening and thinking skills for children aged 8–11 - Lyn Dawes, Neil Mercer and Rupert Wegerif - I wonder why - Lawrence F. Lowery - Mindbenders: brainboggling tricks, puzzles and illusions - Fleur Star (senior ed.) - Very wonderful, very rare: saving the most endangered wildlife on Earth Marilyn Baillie, Jonathan Baillie and Ellen Butcher - Our new baby inside! Mick Manning and Brita Granström

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