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Issue: September 2014 134

Extract: - Talk box: speaking and listening activities for learning at key stage 1 - Lyn Dawes and Claire Sams - Thinking together: a programme of activities for developing speaking, listening and thinking skills for children aged 8–11 - Lyn Dawes, Neil Mercer and Rupert Wegerif - I wonder why - Lawrence F. Lowery - Mindbenders: brainboggling tricks, puzzles and illusions - Fleur Star (senior ed.) - Very wonderful, very rare: saving the most endangered wildlife on Earth Marilyn Baillie, Jonathan Baillie and Ellen Butcher - Our new baby inside! Mick Manning and Brita Granström

Download the full magazine - Primary Science Special Issue

Issue: May 2014 133

Author: May/June 2014 - a FREE downloadable special issue that focuses on changes to the new national curriculum and the support available from ASE, young science ambassadors, PSQM, Primary Science Teaching Trust and other subject associations. Explore cross-curriculum links and find out about changes to assessment. The issue includes a special supplement with a focused article on working scientifically with enquiry. Or download individual articles below.


Issue: May 2014 133

Leading change in the primary science curriculum

Issue: May 2014 133

Author: Nicky Waller and Chris Baker believe that change can be a good thing and explain how their training has helped others.

Going for Gold!

Issue: May 2014 133

Author: Louise Parks describes how she led change in her infant school, including activities and impacts, to achieve the PSQM Gold Quality Mark.

Young ‘science ambassadors’ raise the profile of science

Issue: May 2014 133

Author: Katie Ridley appointed children as ‘science ambassadors’ and raised the profile of science across her school.

What has the ASE done for me?

Issue: May 2014 133

Author: Lisa Newton, an ASE Primary Science Committee member, considers the benefit she has gained from joining and taking an active part in the ASE.

Curriculum change and raising standards: the Welsh perspective

Issue: May 2014 133

Author: Richard Watkins highlights some of the key ways forward identified by inspections in Wales.

What does Ofsted say?

Issue: May 2014 133

Author: Tara Lievesley discusses the challenges and development points offered by the 2014 triennial report from Ofsted.

PSTT… have you heard?

Issue: May 2014 133

Author: Kathy Schofield explains how the Primary Science Teaching Trust came into being and how it continues to enhance science for primary teachers and children.

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