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Issue: November 2015 140

Extract: New resources for teaching evolution: - Let’s talk about evolution by Jo Horlock, Stuart Naylor and Jo Moules - Charles Darwin and the theory of natural selection by Alan J. Hesse Other Reviews: - Rechargeable Ultimate Stopwatches from TTS - The big countdown: 70 thousand, million, million, million stars in space by Paul Rockett


Issue: September 2015 139

Focus on…STEM

Issue: September 2015 139

Extract: Change is coming – or should that be, change has come and we are living in its wake? – with the new curricula that have appeared in recent years, not least that in England, which is the latest change in the UK.

Notice Board

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: - ASE Annual Conference - Brenda Keogh Primary Science Award Winners - The Primary Science Quality Mark - New Evolution Book - The Astro Science Challenge

The Future is 3D

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: Luke Carter believes that 3D printing is going to become central to our way of life and we need to be bringing it into our teaching.

Integrating STEM into the primary school curriculum

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: Asima Qureshi shares how her school is taking the STEM approach to science.

STEMing the growth of primary science

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: Kelly Dockerty looks at the implications for teacher training and the findings of the CBI report Tomorrow’s world: Inspiring primary scientists.

Linking science with design and technology in a stimulating approach to teaching about levers

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: Carol Davenport highlights key ideas for understanding levers and motivating ways of teaching the topic in a cross-curricular approach.

Science Swap Shop

Issue: September 2015 139

Extract: Activities and ideas for ages 3–5, 5–7, 7–9 and 9–11.

‘Why are there still apes if apes have changed into people?’

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: Terry Russell and Linda McGuigan pull together some exciting ways forward from their Nuffield-funded research to engage primary children with ideas about evolution.

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