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It’s all wheat to me!

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: Claas Wegner, Phillip Weber and Stephanie Ohlberger share how they have been teaching about variation and our staple food crops.

Primary science at the Discovery Corner

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: Bert Nagel introduces the Discovery Corner in the Netherlands, which aims to inspire children to have a lifelong interest in science.


Issue: September 2015 139

Extract: - Reach out CPD - Wonderwise by Mick Manning and Brita Granström - Science adventures by Richard and Louise Spilsbury - The powerful story by Ciaran Murtagh and schoolchildren across the UK


Issue: May 2015 138

Notice Board

Issue: May 2015 138

Author: Note from the editor

Extract: - RI Christmas Lecture - New free booklet on subject leadership - Primary science teachers awards - A core subject? The status of science in schools

Does a relationship really exist between science and religion?

Issue: May 2015 138

Author: James D. Williams

Extract: A viewpoint of how to helpfully talk about evolution with students who may have different beliefs.

Adventure on the Thames

Issue: May 2015 138

Extract: Sarah Parker shows how literacy and science really work well together, illustrated with an amazing story about the water cycle from Jamie (aged 9).

Guided science activities that make a big impact

Issue: May 2015 138

Extract: Nicola Beverley introduces guided science activities, developed to help schools assess children's progress, and Craig Early describes how these have been successfully implemented in his school.

Using puppets to provide opportunities for dialogue and scientific inquiry

Issue: May 2015 138

Extract: Maeve Liston reports on a project to introduce puppets into primary science teaching in Ireland.

Thinking about metacognition

Issue: May 2015 138

Extract: John Crossland continues his exploration of thinking skills and why thinking out loud is a good place to start.

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