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Getting goose bumps about teaching evolution

Issue: January 2014 131

Extract: Colin Foster thinks that creationist claims can provide a good opportunity in the science classroom for examining the evidence for evolution.

Evolution in action

Issue: January 2014 131

Extract: Mike Dennis, Adrienne Duggan and Deb McGregor describe how drama can help develop a greater understanding of adaptation and evolution

Evolution and religion: adaptation in process?

Issue: January 2014 131

Extract: Michael Binder discusses the interrelationship between science and religion, while Christopher Crowther considers the challenges of teaching evolution in a predominantly Muslim school.

Rocks are boring – aren’t they?

Issue: January 2014 131

Extract: Tara Lievesley shares a few thoughts and websites to support the teaching of rocks and fossils.

In the beginning … the red and blacks

Issue: January 2014 131

Extract: Once upon a time, ASE published a simple A3 folded broadsheet depicting examples of children’s scientific enquiry – the original ASE Primary Science.

NEW TO TEACHING: Flexible expectations of learning outcomes in science

Issue: January 2014 131

Extract: Trainee teachers Ayla Binstead, Kirsty Campbell, Susana Fraile Guasch, Claire Sullivan and Lydia Williams share their experiences with objectives and outcomes in a recent teaching practice.

NEW TO TEACHING: Eliciting children’s ideas: the child-centred approach

Issue: January 2014 131

Extract: Trainee teachers Jack Jones, Laura Jones, Lauren Robson and Katie Webb reflect on the use of elicitation to inform planning, and the importance of the child-centred approach.

Tapping into the resources on our doorstep

Issue: January 2014 131

Extract: Maha Shaikh enriches science education in her school with some innovative ideas for drawing on the wider community.

I thought tablets were for swallowing?

Issue: January 2014 131

Extract: Luke Carter explores the pros and cons of using tablet computers in the science classroom.


Issue: January 2014 131

Extract: 1. Nuffield Primary Science (Science Processes And Concept Exploration) Teachers’ Guides (Written as a result of a research project directed by Paul Black and Wynne Harlen Collins Educational, 1993 (2nd edn, 1995) Out of print but available on STEM Centre website. 2. Both sides of the story: cloning and genetic engineering Nicola Barber 2013

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