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The Kolumbus-Kids project in Germany for gifted children

Issue: November 2013 130

Extract: Claas Wegner, Lea Minnaert and Friederike Strehlke share their project for managing the challenge of supporting young gifted learners.

The importance of engaging pupils actively in demonstrations

Issue: November 2013 130

Extract: Liisa Suomela, Kalle Juuti and Maija Ahtee from Finland provide some ideas, particularly relevant for new teachers, about making demonstrations active rather than passive experiences.

Primary science education in China

Issue: November 2013 130

Extract: Gayle Pook offers an insight into the move to reform science teaching to enhance the fast-moving Chinese economy.

Interconnecting with VIPs

Issue: November 2013 130

Extract: An approach to education that centres on science lessons about life and changing lives. Robert Collins describes how it is all interconnected.

Early-years children think too!

Issue: November 2013 130

Extract: In early-years classes there is always lots of talk; Laura Mooney describes how these young children can also think through concepts and use science skills.

UPDATE: So what has changed in the final version of the Primary National Curriculum for England?

Issue: November 2013 130

Extract: Tara Mawby attempts a quick summary


Issue: November 2013 130


Issue: September 2013 129

Tackling weather and climate change creatively in science

Issue: September 2013 129

Author: Murray Dale

Extract: Murray Dale offers some practical support for teaching about weather, climate and climate change.

Now, here’s the weather forecast …

Issue: September 2013 129

Author: Mathew Richardson

Extract: Mathew Richardson from the Met Office explains what the national weather service can offer you to help teach about the science behind weather and forecasting

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