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Is science lost in ‘The world around us?'

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Aideen Johnson

Extract: The impact of recent curriculum and assessment changes on primary science in Northern Ireland.

Does science rule out religion?

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Kim Blythe

Extract: The question of whether we should be debating science and religion in primary schools.

Skilled up and having fun

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Anne Goldsworthy

Extract: Ways to develop skills with younger children that are far from dull.

Exploring ‘The World Around Us’ in a Community of Scientific Enquiry

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Lynda Dunlop, Kirsty Compton, Linda Clarke and Valerie McKelvey-Martin

Extract: A project to develop scientific literacy at key stage 2 in Northern Ireland.

Let them have a go: using the Science games DVD

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Di Stead and Tim Griffiths

Extract: Working on models and how a DVD can help you include games, models and analogies in your teaching.

We’re all going to the zoo tomorrow…

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Francesca Smith

Extract: The conservation charity Marwell Wildlife has just been awarded the ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ Quality Badge for the second time running. Francesca Smith provides some useful tips about planning trips and how an institution like this can help.

Something beginning with B…

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Chris Deaves

Extract: Yes, bees can sting but that shouldn’t prevent them being part of primary education. Chris Deaves gives some ideas about working with bees in school.

Granddad went back to school

Issue: January 2013 126

Author: Geoff Auty

Extract: Reflections of a primary school science activity morning.


Issue: January 2013 126


Issue: November 2012 125

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