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STEMing the growth of primary science

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: Kelly Dockerty looks at the implications for teacher training and the findings of the CBI report Tomorrow’s world: Inspiring primary scientists.

Linking science with design and technology in a stimulating approach to teaching about levers

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: Carol Davenport highlights key ideas for understanding levers and motivating ways of teaching the topic in a cross-curricular approach.

Science Swap Shop

Issue: September 2015 139

Extract: Activities and ideas for ages 3–5, 5–7, 7–9 and 9–11.

‘Why are there still apes if apes have changed into people?’

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: Terry Russell and Linda McGuigan pull together some exciting ways forward from their Nuffield-funded research to engage primary children with ideas about evolution.

It’s all wheat to me!

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: Claas Wegner, Phillip Weber and Stephanie Ohlberger share how they have been teaching about variation and our staple food crops.

Primary science at the Discovery Corner

Issue: September 2015 139

Author: Bert Nagel introduces the Discovery Corner in the Netherlands, which aims to inspire children to have a lifelong interest in science.


Issue: September 2015 139

Extract: - Reach out CPD - Wonderwise by Mick Manning and Brita Granström - Science adventures by Richard and Louise Spilsbury - The powerful story by Ciaran Murtagh and schoolchildren across the UK


Issue: May 2015 138

Notice Board

Issue: May 2015 138

Author: Note from the editor

Extract: - RI Christmas Lecture - New free booklet on subject leadership - Primary science teachers awards - A core subject? The status of science in schools

Does a relationship really exist between science and religion?

Issue: May 2015 138

Author: James D. Williams

Extract: A viewpoint of how to helpfully talk about evolution with students who may have different beliefs.

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