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Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Geoff Auty, Editor, School Science Review

Extract: With no theme in this edition, we have the opportunity to feature a very mixed range of articles from Britain and around the world, all submitted with the attitude of ‘let me share this idea’.

Science Note: Bringing Joule back to school

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Yaron Lehavi, Amit Yosovich and Shilo Barak

The Wheatstone bridge – revisited

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Iain MacInnes


Issue: June 2016 361

Making research fly in schools: Drosophila as a powerful modern tool for teaching biology

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Jennifer Harbottle, Patrick Strangward, Catherine Alnuamaani, Surita Lawes, Sanjai Patel and Andreas Prokop

Extract: An account of workshops presented to schools by research students which can enhance experiences in practical biology.

A classroom-based study of the use of a rich-task in year 12 chemistry topromote independent learning and student motivation

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Ellen Leggate

Extract: Lesson study was used to investigate the teaching and learning of an organic reaction mechanism by means of a rich-task approach, and to engage teachers in the research process.

An oxygen sensor using zinc–air electrochemical cells: a simple device to demonstrate applied technology in electrochemistry teaching

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Agus Setiabudi, Galuh Yuliani and Zakiyah Pawitan

Extract: The oxygen sensor is a simple device that is able to demonstrate a practical use of electrochemical cells; it is inexpensive and safe to use in a science classroom.

Enhancing the chemistry curriculum: looking to nature

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Jeffrey Deakin and Raymond Cooper

Extract: The continuing relevance of organic chemistry in the modern world offers powerful stimulus to student motivation.

A musical analogy which helps to explain the wave-particle duality of the electron

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: John Baker

Extract: Could de Broglie’s revolutionary idea that an electron in an atomic orbit can behave as a wave have been inspired by a Himalayan singing bowl?

It seems our source has run out of alphas! The odd behaviour of some americium-241 cup sources

Issue: June 2016 361

Author: Ralph Whitcher, Robert D. Page and Peter R. Cole

Extract: A summary of research into the odd behaviour of some older americium-241 cup sources, with advice on what can be done to work around the problem this causes.

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