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Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Editor, Geoff Auty, discusses the importance of practical work for science education.

Science Note: A simple way to demonstrate that gases have mass

Issue: May 2015 357

Author: Paul Elliott

Science Note: Explosions in disposable syringes

Issue: May 2015 357

Author: Alan Goodwin

Theme Editorial: Practical Work I

Issue: May 2015 357

Author: Michael J. Reiss

Practical work in science: misunderstood and badly used?

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Jonathan Osborne Assessment of practical work in science has little value unless the purpose of all practical work in learning is properly understood.

Students’ attitudes to practical work by age and subject

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Rachael Sharpe Student opinion of practical science varies from ‘new and exciting’ to valuable experience and on to a necessary chore that is only of marginal relevance to the learning essential for examinations

The practical work challenge: incorporating the explicit teaching of evidence in subject content

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Ros Roberts and Cath Reading Knowledge and understanding in science are not obtained only from books; experience of real materials and real events is essential

The assessment of practical skills

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Ian Abrahams and Michael J. Reiss Assessment of students’ performance as they are undertaking practical work or by making judgements from their written reports afterwards both have their place in assessment

The assessment of science practical skills: a historical perspective

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Nigel English and Stella Paes A look at how the assessment of practical science over the years can help in planning suitable methods for the future

How can the education system ensure students have an improved science learning experience?

Issue: May 2015 357

Extract: Peter Canning Developing a workable method for the assessment of practical skills with regard to a balance between open investigation and measureable achievement

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