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Fuel and food are not made of energy – a constructive view of respiration and combustion

Issue: June 2013 349

Author: Keith Ross

Extract: Teaching ideas linking biology, physics and chemistry are developed which stress the role oxygen plays in our use of food and fuel.

The chemistry behind special effects in film and television

Issue: June 2013 349

Author: Daniel B. Short and Paul D. Badger

Extract: A selection of spectacular effects to demonstrate in the chemistry laboratory.

Supporting the outdoor classroom: an archaeo-astronomy project

Issue: June 2013 349

Author: Daniel Brown, Robert Francis and Andy Alder

Extract: An innovate project based at Nottingham Trent University embracing aspects of archaeo-astronomy to support the use of outdoor classrooms by primary and secondary schools.

Variation of pressure with depth of water: working with high-tech and low-cost materials

Issue: June 2013 349

Author: Funda Ornek, Byansi Jude Zziwa and Teresita D. Taganahan

Extract: A simple experiment developed by automated recording and processing of results.

‘Have I got science news for you?’: science coverage by UK national newspapers – an update

Issue: June 2013 349

Author: Chris King and Fiona Hyden

Extract: A UK newspaper survey found that most science stories relate to health/medicine and that there are significant numbers of biology, environment and Earth science stories and few relating to technology, physics and chemistry.

The birth of CLEAPSE

Issue: June 2013 349

Author: Richard J. J. Orton

Extract: The significance of the actions of certain members of the Science Masters’ Association and of the continuing support of the ASE in the creation and continued existence of CLEAPSS.

Insights from a subject knowledge enhancement course for preparing new chemistry and physics teachers

Issue: June 2013 349

Author: Michael Inglis, Andrea Mallaburn, Richard Tynan, Ken Clays and Robert Bryn Jones

Extract: How can graduates with a non-physical science background be supported to become chemistry or physics teachers? This articles shares an approach taken at Liverpool John Moores University.

Interpreting students’ writings: misconception or misrepresentation?

Issue: June 2013 349

Author: Lay Hoon Seah

Extract: This article highlights a difficulty that science teachers may encounter when interpreting students’ writings and offers some pedagogical strategies to counter it.

Maximising students’ progress and engagement in science through the use of the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) 5E Instructional Model

Issue: June 2013 349

Author: Peter Hoskins

Extract: An action research project into the impact of using a 5E Instructional Model in nine West Yorkshire schools.


Issue: June 2013 349

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