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In defence of the classroom science demonstration

Issue: September 2013 350

Author: Paul McCrory

Extract: The tradition of science demonstrations is under threat in today’s active-learning-obsessed classrooms, yet demonstrations have a unique power to engage emotions and provoke thought

Enhancing live practical demonstration by using engagement devices

Issue: September 2013 350

Author: Michael Hal Sosabowski and David Campbell

Extract: This article outlines some engagement or ‘showmanship’ devices to enhance the impact of live practical demonstrations

Two curriculum-relevant/open day physics experiments concerning gravity

Issue: September 2013 350

Author: Michael Hal Sosabowski, Clive Young, Judy Matkin and Fiona Ponikwer

Extract: Two thought-provoking and intuitive experiments about gravity are described and reviewed

‘All flying insects with big, beautiful wings are butterflies!’ A study in challenging this misconception

Issue: September 2013 350

Author: Kwok-Ho Tsoi

Extract: A study showing how a cognitive conflict strategy can be applied to promote conceptual change

Using familiar contexts to ease the transition between A-level and first-year degree-level chemistry

Issue: September 2013 350

Author: John J. Turner

Extract: A look at how familiar contexts can be used to ease the pressures of transition from A-level to degree level work

The use of role models to improve engagement of ethnic minority students in secondary school science

Issue: September 2013 350

Author: Melissa Butt

Extract: Preliminary data were collected to assess whether incorporating scientists from across the globe into lessons could improve ethnic minority engagement and aspirations in science

The Big Bang Theory – coping with multi-religious beliefs in the super-diverse science classroom

Issue: September 2013 350

Author: Roussel De Carvalho

Extract: A project promoting science enquiry skills to carry out a deeper analysis of similarities and differences between myths of creation and the Big Bang Theory

Interesting, cool and tantalising? Or inappropriate, complicated and tedious? Pupil and teacher views on ICT in science teaching

Issue: September 2013 350

Author: Michael Willshire

Extract: Considering whether pupils think a science lesson is more interesting if ICT is being used, and whether teachers see its inclusion as worthwhile


Issue: September 2013 350

Science app review

Issue: September 2013 350

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