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Integrating science, mathematics and technology in middle grades

Issue: December 2015 359

Author: Pradeep M. Dass and Eugene Moore, Jr

Extract: Results of strategic use of a technology tool to integrate science and mathematics while promoting inquiry-oriented learning experiences in science and mathematics.

Studying the effectiveness of strategies for learning science and technology

Issue: December 2015 359

Author: Supriya Dahiya and Neha Singh

Extract: Can either of these two related subjects benefit from teaching via the other?

Mr Smith and the animals wish you all very happy holidays

Issue: December 2015 359

Author: Peter Freeland

Extract: By focusing on different elements in the Noah’s Ark story, students can gain a better understanding of how meaningful insights and inferences can be drawn from myths.


Issue: December 2015 359

Extract: - Web resources from ABPI: Chemistry of Life and Cell Biology - The Solar Revolution by Steve McKevitt and Tony Ryan - A Space Traveller’s Guide to the Solar System by Mark Thompson - Cakes, Custard and Category Theory: Easy Recipes for Understanding Complex Maths by Eugenia Cheng - Einstein’s Masterwork: 1915 and the General Theory of Relativity by John Gribbin

Science App Reviews

Issue: December 2015 359

Extract: - PhysicsOne Gravity - The Elements in Action - Bioanim Complete

Science Websearch

Issue: December 2015 359

Extract: Reviews include: - The Particle Adventure - Desmos - The Periodic Table - National STEM Careers - careers/ - BioEd online

Special Issues and Index

Issue: December 2015 359

Contents and Editorial

Issue: September 2015 358

Author: Editor, Geoff Auty, discusses the effect that practical activities have on learning and the extent to which this part of student work could and should be assessed.


Issue: September 2015 358

Science Note: eaching Mendelian genetics with a virtual Drosophila laboratory

Issue: September 2015 358

Author: Mustafa Çakır and Özgür Kıvılcan Dogan

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