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Teaching energy as part of education for sustainability

Issue: September 2014 354

Author: Maarten Tas, Frankie McKeon, Fiona Charnley and Margaret Fleming

Extract: Recognising that energy supply is just part of the requirement for sustainability for the world population. This article describes how energy issues and education for sustainable development (ESD) are part of the agenda for two current European projects, CoDeS and SUSTAIN. The latter is mainly concerned with the development of inquiry-based primary and lower secondary science education while the former is a network that aims to learn more about collaborations within schools and communities that foster sustainable development. Even though the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘global warming’ are not mentioned in the 2014 key stage 3 (ages 11–14) science and geography National Curriculum in England, it is suggested that teaching the difficult concept of energy within the framework of sustainability will increase the engagement and curiosity of pupils and their motivation to study science using different contexts.


Issue: September 2014 354

Extract: Diagnosis for Classroom Success: Making Anatomy and Physiology Come Alive - Nicole H. Maller Global Industries Uncovered: The Pharmaceutical Industry - Richard Spilsbury The Elements: An Illustrated History of the Periodic Table - Tom Jackson The Universe: An Illustrated History of Astronomy - Tom Jackson Dice Word: Science and Life in a Random Universe - Brian Clegg

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Issue: September 2014 354

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Issue: September 2014 354

Contents and Editorial

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Geoff Auty, School Science Review Editor

Extract: After a very full theme focusing on the science curriculum in March, this edition returns to the roots of School Science Review, with a random selection of material sent in mostly by teachers in the spirit of‘this worked for me, you might like to try it’.

Science Notes: Interdisciplinary teaching of biology and physical education

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Claas Wegner, Katharina Spintzyk, Friederike Strehlke, Lea Minnaert and Bernd Gröben

Science Notes: Dilution of a weak acid

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Christopher Talbot and Chooi Khee Wai

Science Notes: The Clubbers’ Guide: School biology clubs

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Sue Howarth

The Presidential Address 2014: Teaching and learning: the long view

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Professor Alice Roberts

Extract: What makes us uniquely human? The Presidential Address delivered to the Association for Science Education Annual Conference, University of Birmingham, January 2014.

Chicken eggs: which comes first – the expected results or the science?

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Karen Haydock

Extract: Students used shell-less chicken eggs to study osmosis; unexpected results led them to learn more about science than about eggs.

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