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Science app reviews: Apps outdoors!

Issue: June 2014 353

Author: Emily Baker

Extract: The best tips and trick for using apps for outdoor learning. Why use app? Which ones? What are the hardware logistics and privacy concerns? Measuring, identification and presenting applications are reviewed.

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Issue: June 2014 353

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Issue: June 2014 353

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Issue: June 2014 353


Issue: March 2014 352

Theme Editorial: Perspectives on the science curriculum - Andrew Hunt

Issue: March 2014 352

What place does science have in an aims-based curriculum?

Issue: March 2014 352

Author: Michael J. Reiss

Extract: School science should contribute to human flourishing.

Designing a science curriculum fit for purpose

Issue: March 2014 352

Author: Robin Millar

Extract: To meet the varied needs of students, the science curriculum needs to address both the things that make us different and the things that we need to hold in common.

Progress in science education? The revised National Curriculum for 2014

Issue: March 2014 352

Author: Tim Oates

Extract: Implications for the new National Curriculum for England of an approach to curriculum change that aims to cover fewer things in greater depth, while focusing on concepts, principles, fundamental operations and core knowledge.

The ‘Curriculum for Excellence’: a major change for Scottish science education

Issue: March 2014 352

Author: Sally Brown

Extract: This article introduces the Scottish ‘Curriculum for Excellence’, with associated new National Qualifications for young people aged 3–18 years; the innovative characteristics of the reforms and the challenges they face are discussed.

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