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Supporting Scotland’s STEM education and culture

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Stuart Farmer

Extract: A summary of the education system in Scotland now and in the future with particular regard to science.

Turning a programme of study into an engaging scheme of learning: whose job was it to bring the sparklers to the party?

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Ed Walsh

Extract: We are seeing the evolution of a new structure for education, but who has responsibility for the details?

Teaching science with mobile technology

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Richard Needham

Extract: A brief look at some of the many apps now available, and how to use them in class.

ASE’s Summer Celebration Conference: the Editor’s view

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Geoff Auty

Extract: The experience of the conference from one delegate who had the opportunity to play the part of a press reporter.

Field studies for key stage 4 on mine water pollution: a university and museum collaboration

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Jeremy D. Hopwood, Stuart D. Berry and Jayne L. Ambrose

Extract: Universities and museums have much to offer each other in enriching students’ perceptions of science in the context of their local industrial heritage

CHEMopera for chemistry education

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Yong Hee Chung

Extract: A musical entertainment to encourage participation in chemistry.

A short history of the discovery of isotopes (and some of their uses)

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Dave Scott

Extract: Problem solving at the heart of the discovery and certain uses of isotopes

Engaging all students in the pursuit of STEM careers

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Remy Dou and Kenneth D. Gibbs, Jr

Extract: Raising awareness of applications of science, technology, engineering and maths beyond school level.

Response grids: practical ways to display large data sets with high visual impact

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Simon Gates

Extract: Spreadsheets are useful for large data sets but they may be too wide or too long to print as conventional tables; response grids offer solutions to these challenges.

The Saggi and practical work

Issue: December 2013 351

Author: Wayne Melville

Extract: The Saggi di naturali esperienze was published in 1667, became the ‘laboratory manual’ of the 18th century, and still exerts an influence on school practical work.

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