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Issue: March 2016 360


Issue: December 2015 359

Science Note: Titration curve of ethanedioic acid (oxalic acid) with sodium hydroxide

Issue: December 2015 359

Author: Christopher Talbot and Chooi Khee Wai

Science Note: The photoelectric effect made easy

Issue: December 2015 359

Author: Geoff Piper

Science Note: Blind trials and fun with coat hangers!

Issue: December 2015 359

Author: Frank Harris

Theme editorial: Science and literacy in symbiosis

Issue: December 2015 359

Author: Ruth Jarman and Billy McClune

Improving scientific literacy through multimodal communication: strategies, benefits and challenges

Issue: December 2015 359

Author: Mark A. McDermott and Brian Hand

Extract: Instruction aimed at improving student use of strategies integrating modes such as pictures, diagrams and charts with text in multimodal writing tasks can lead to greater understanding of science concepts.

Learning to read with a critical eye: cultivating discerning readers of media reports with a science component

Issue: December 2015 359

Author: Billy McClune and Joy Alexander

Extract: Science-based media reports are useful in promoting scientific literacy; pupils consolidate science knowledge and extend literacy skills using a framework based on reading and actively responding to text.

Writing about science for publication

Issue: December 2015 359

Author: Christina Astin, Clare Harvey and Stefan Janusz

Extract: Young Scientists Journal, founded at a school in the UK, is written by school students worldwide and has teamed up with the Royal Society to celebrate the publication of school-based research.

Brochures, posters, and FoldablesĀ®: using multimodal representations in middle school science

Issue: December 2015 359

Author: Christine D. Tippett

Extract: Brochures, posters and FoldablesĀ® are multimodal artefacts for promoting literacy in science; teachers viewed them as flexible strategies meeting a range of learning needs and appropriate for various science topics.

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